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Meanwhile, on the Silent Mary …

*Sad violin music starts playing*

#NicoNo #DadazarIsNotAmused #TheSilentMaryDoesNotNeedAnyMoreMoodSetting #Violin 

Meanwhile, Mando is in no way concerned about …

Javier, Stevie, Nico and Rupert being badass w…


Just noticed something funny about this pic.
So here you can see Mando and Barbossa having a disagreement (with Mando doing most of the disagreeing), and Moss, Nico and Santos in the background. 

Moss is not paying that much attention … Actually he looks like he’s daydreaming 😛 

Santos IS paying attention, but not getting involved 

But the funniest thing is Nico. He’s literally gone for his sword, looking like he’s about ready to lop someone’s head off – namely Barbossa – for upsetting Dadazar <3
Look at him! Such an eager boy! 

Rupert with a puppy. Nuff said.

Nico!!! &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3

Nico!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


I’m imagining  Zak Bagans from Ghost Adentures coming across the Silent Mary Crew O_O XD

Zak:          Alright you bastards! 
                     Make a noise! Attack me!
                     I ain’t scared! Where are you?!

*Meanwhile, the crew are watching him from the shadows, out of sight*

Lesaro:    Who IS this moron?

Magda:    I don’t know … but I want to 
                      eviscerate him

Lesaro:      No eviscerations, the capitan
                       would lose it if he saw any more
                      mess on the deck
Zak:          –If ya don’t want to attack me,
                        attack Aaro
… Oh, that’ right,
                        I fired him. Well, in that case, 
                         attack Nick
– … Oh, yeah, he
                         left … 
                         Fuck me, am I the only one
                          doing this show now?!

*Suddenly Mando appears and throws him overboard*

Zak:                AAARGGH!!-


Zach:          COME AT ME, DEMON! I’LL END YOU!!

Salazar:      *Looking down at him from the railing*
                         Oh, will you just? Good luck with that 


Parent troubles



Nico, Juan and Rodney filming the scene after the curse has been broken … Funny thing is, they look more like they ate something bad for lunch and they’re gonna hurl 


Nico wants ice cream

Dadazar is not in the mood for anyone’s shit 😛