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Nico, Moss, Bracero and Santos hangin’ out …
I’m done


You know what annoys me most about what they did wth the crew of the Silent Mary? It’s that they did not show them interacting with each other the way we saw other crews on other ships interact. It’s the fact they were portrayed as unemotional creatures that did nothing but kill, when the truth is they were simply human beings that were doing their duty – Pirate Hunting – and as a result were portrayed as villains, unemotional beings that enjoyed killing. 
Worst of all, they were killed immediately after having their curse broken, giving them absolutely no chance of redemption. 
I doubt Salazar would have been redeemable, his hatred for pirates was his downfall, but the rest of the crew did not deserve to go down with him, and that’s what I hate about what they did here.

Meanwhile, on the Silent Mary …

*Sad violin music starts playing*

#NicoNo #DadazarIsNotAmused #TheSilentMaryDoesNotNeedAnyMoreMoodSetting #Violin 

Meanwhile, Mando is in no way concerned about …

Javier, Stevie, Nico and Rupert being badass w…


Just noticed something funny about this pic.
So here you can see Mando and Barbossa having a disagreement (with Mando doing most of the disagreeing), and Moss, Nico and Santos in the background. 

Moss is not paying that much attention … Actually he looks like he’s daydreaming 😛 

Santos IS paying attention, but not getting involved 

But the funniest thing is Nico. He’s literally gone for his sword, looking like he’s about ready to lop someone’s head off – namely Barbossa – for upsetting Dadazar <3
Look at him! Such an eager boy! 

Rupert with a puppy. Nuff said.

Nico!!! &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3

Nico!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


I’m imagining  Zak Bagans from Ghost Adentures coming across the Silent Mary Crew O_O XD

Zak:          Alright you bastards! 
                     Make a noise! Attack me!
                     I ain’t scared! Where are you?!

*Meanwhile, the crew are watching him from the shadows, out of sight*

Lesaro:    Who IS this moron?

Magda:    I don’t know … but I want to 
                      eviscerate him

Lesaro:      No eviscerations, the capitan
                       would lose it if he saw any more
                      mess on the deck
Zak:          –If ya don’t want to attack me,
                        attack Aaro
… Oh, that’ right,
                        I fired him. Well, in that case, 
                         attack Nick
– … Oh, yeah, he
                         left … 
                         Fuck me, am I the only one
                          doing this show now?!

*Suddenly Mando appears and throws him overboard*

Zak:                AAARGGH!!-


Zach:          COME AT ME, DEMON! I’LL END YOU!!

Salazar:      *Looking down at him from the railing*
                         Oh, will you just? Good luck with that 


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