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Mandy being ridiculously gorgeous <3

Mandy being ridiculously gorgeous <3

Captain Armando “My hair keeps getting in my f…

Anyone else notice the effort Javier put into …

Knees and feet pointing outwards, with the left leg stepping close to his cane and the cane taking the weight.


Knees and feet now facing inwards, his right leg and weight now being supported by his sword


Knees and feet facing outwards again. Notice how he lifts his cane at the same time he lefts his left leg, and lifts his sword at the same time he lifts his right leg. Makes me wonder if he has problems with BOTH legs instead of just one, but it only got worse when he became cursed.


Since there is nothing wrong with Javier’s legs, I imagine it may have been tricky at times for him to keep up this strange and uncomfortable gait. 


Since Mando was initially meant to be either Bisexual or Gay, it doesn’t matter if we ship him with Lesaro, Henry, or Carina!

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That moment when you realise, that, although h…

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Meanwhile on the Silent Mary … (A Carina <3 …


Carina <3 Salazar 3  (I think Carina’s a bit d…

CARINA <3 SALAZAR: 2 (this is getting ridiculo…


(I know how you feel, Carina)

Carina <3 Salazar



Therapist:   Ok, so, why have you both decided to come today?

Mando:       No-no-no, HE *points to Lesaro* decided we should come today! 

Lesaro:       *Throws arms up in frustration* Ugh! WHY do you always do this?! 

Mando:       -Do what?! 

Lesaro:       -Be so difficult?! 

Mando:       I am not difficult!

Therapist:   -If I may interrupt? Lesaro, am I right in assuming that you feel … overwhelmed about where this relationship currently is?

Lesaro:       *Flustered*  Yes, absolutely! I love working on the Mary, and I love being with Armando, but as you can see, he can be very stubborn-

Mando:       Que?! I am sitting right here, hombre! And I am not stubborn!  

Lesaro:      -And it’s been overwhelming for quite some time, but it only got worse after what happened in Poseidon’s Tomb-  

Mando:      -I know where you’re going with this, Lesaro, and I am NOT amused 

Lesaro:      -We had just had our curse broken! We were looking forward to going home … but then the Capitan-

Mando:       -Do not tell this woman anymore, Lesaro!

Lesaro:       -Decided to chase after Sparrow!

Mando:        –Lesaro!

Lesaro:       -I pleaded for him to wait for the rest of us to get on the anchor, but he did not


Mando:       –You will NOT make me out to be the villain here, Lesaro!

Lesaro:       –*Upset*  He chose the filthy pirate over ME!

*Mando gets up, kicks over the therapist’s coffee table, before storming out. Lesaro waits for him to slam the door shut before bursting into


Therapist:    *Pats him on the shoulder*  I’m sure it’ll get better


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