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Devil’s Triangle Opening Scene

I was reading a review someone made of POTC5 the other day, and they stated how pointless they thought it was that Salazar attacked the Monarch. Well, no, it wasn’t pointless if you think about it. First of all, in the era the movie is set in, Spain and Britain were enemies, they were always at war with each other, so when two Naval ships from these countires came across each other they quite often were hostile to each other. The other thing you have to remember is the Monarch fired their cannons first, and yes, the Silent Mary was coming towards them, but that was only because the Monarch had crossed its bow, a move that was seen as threatening in those days. The Captain of the Monarch could have not given the order to fire the guns, but unfortunately he did, therefore they sealed their own fate by making the first agressive move. 

Carina <3 Salazar 3  (I think Carina’s a bit d…

CARINA <3 SALAZAR: 2 (this is getting ridiculo…


(I know how you feel, Carina)

Carina <3 Salazar



Therapist:   Ok, so, why have you both decided to come today?

Mando:       No-no-no, HE *points to Lesaro* decided we should come today! 

Lesaro:       *Throws arms up in frustration* Ugh! WHY do you always do this?! 

Mando:       -Do what?! 

Lesaro:       -Be so difficult?! 

Mando:       I am not difficult!

Therapist:   -If I may interrupt? Lesaro, am I right in assuming that you feel … overwhelmed about where this relationship currently is?

Lesaro:       *Flustered*  Yes, absolutely! I love working on the Mary, and I love being with Armando, but as you can see, he can be very stubborn-

Mando:       Que?! I am sitting right here, hombre! And I am not stubborn!  

Lesaro:      -And it’s been overwhelming for quite some time, but it only got worse after what happened in Poseidon’s Tomb-  

Mando:      -I know where you’re going with this, Lesaro, and I am NOT amused 

Lesaro:      -We had just had our curse broken! We were looking forward to going home … but then the Capitan-

Mando:       -Do not tell this woman anymore, Lesaro!

Lesaro:       -Decided to chase after Sparrow!

Mando:        –Lesaro!

Lesaro:       -I pleaded for him to wait for the rest of us to get on the anchor, but he did not


Mando:       –You will NOT make me out to be the villain here, Lesaro!

Lesaro:       –*Upset*  He chose the filthy pirate over ME!

*Mando gets up, kicks over the therapist’s coffee table, before storming out. Lesaro waits for him to slam the door shut before bursting into


Therapist:    *Pats him on the shoulder*  I’m sure it’ll get better


#PoorLesaro #MandoISStubborn #TherapyWillGetEasier 

Gave Mandy his sword :P

Gave Mandy his sword 😛

Confused Mando

Would someone PLEASE explain to this man what the hell is going on?! He looks totally lost! 

Stubborn Capitan part 1

*As the Silent Mary is sailing into the Triangle*

Lesaro:    Uh, sir? You might want to focus

Mando:    *Staring at Jack* I AM focused …

Lesaro:     No, I mean on the situation in FRONT of us!

Mando:     *Still glaring at Jack* Lesaro, can’t you see
                       I’m trying to indicate my intense hatred
                      for this particular pirate?!

Lesaro:     I actually think this *gestures to Trangle*
                   is more portant, sir

Mando:    Nonsense! Nothing is more important than-

*Crashes into rocks*

Mando:     MIERDA! Who put those rocks there?!
                      Lesaro! Why the hell didn’t you warn
                      me about those?!

*Lesaro facepalms*

Today is Rupert Raineri’s 27th birthday!! *Dances like a loon* XD

Today is Rupert Raineri’s 27th birthday!! *Dances like a loon* XD


My Discord username is  Helder Bracero#3385 , I have a POTC 5/ Silent Mary/Salazar Server and it…

My Discord username is 

Helder Bracero#3385 , I have a POTC 5/ Silent Mary/Salazar Server and it needs members (to discuss POTC5 stuff and rp with). If you have a Discord account and would like to join my server, tell me and I’ll send you an invite. If you do NOT have a Discord account, but would like to join my server, create a new account in this link: