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Nico, Moss, Bracero and Santos hangin’ out …
I’m done

Javier, Stevie, Nico and Rupert being badass w…


Just noticed something funny about this pic.
So here you can see Mando and Barbossa having a disagreement (with Mando doing most of the disagreeing), and Moss, Nico and Santos in the background. 

Moss is not paying that much attention … Actually he looks like he’s daydreaming 😛 

Santos IS paying attention, but not getting involved 

But the funniest thing is Nico. He’s literally gone for his sword, looking like he’s about ready to lop someone’s head off – namely Barbossa – for upsetting Dadazar <3
Look at him! Such an eager boy! 

Mumsaro trying to keep everyone in line &helli…

Mumsaro trying to keep everyone in line … Dadazar is not listening, as usual 😛
(Also Moss has Land sickness, and yes, that IS a thing)

Nico!!! &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3

Nico!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Dadazar teaching the Crewlings to walk on water

Dadazar:      Alright, I will say this once and once only! 
                        I want each of you to go to the railing, jump
                       off, and land feet-first on the surface of the 
                         water!- Lesaro, why are you crying?!

Mumsaro:     *Bawling his eyes out* My Crewlings are
                                finally learning how to walk on water! 
                               I’m just so happyyyyy!!!! 

Dadazar:       *Rolls eyes* Anyway, Magda you can go first 

*Magda doesn’t say anything, just walks to edge of the ship with an emotionless look on his face, then jumps off, landing on the surface of the water* 

Dadazar:       Good, now the rest of you 

*Santos jumps down, lands on his feet* 

Dadazar:       Ok, now you, Moss 

*Moss jumps down, but due to his pants/breeches being so baggy, he trips over them and starts swearing angrilly in Spanish, Santos is amused by this and starts laughing, to which Moss responds by going over and kicking him in the shin. Magda side-glances at them with a dead-pan expression* 

      Behave yourselves down there! Now you,

Mumsaro:     *To Nico* Make me proud, sweetie! 

*Nico toddles to the railing, jumps off, but ends up somersaulting mid-air and dives head-first into the water. Santos and Moss burst out laughing, Magda still has a dead-pan expression, and Mando facepalms* 

Dadazar:     No, Nico … No

Mumsaro:     *Clasping hands, beeming* Isn’t he

Dadazar    *Sigh* He’s hopeless 

*Nico has corrected himself, is now sitting on the surface of the water, overhears what Mando has said and starts crying* 

    Aw! He didn’t mean it! 

*Goes down and hugs Nico, who is now crying his eyes out* 

Dadazar:       You’re too soft on them, Lesaro!  

Nico with hiccups

Magda and Nico – this year’s two new baby Magpies (I named after…

Magda and Nico – this year’s two new baby Magpies (I named after characters- offical and fan-named – from the POTC5 movie)  

So this is when Nico and Bracero (Helder) died …  I’M NOT PROUD THAT I FOUND THEM IN THIS CONDITION!!!

Nico basically had his rib-cage blown out, and Bracero’s arms were disintegrated  


Poor Nico, never knows what’s happening :P 

Poor Nico, never knows what’s happening 😛