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I’m imagining  Zak Bagans from Ghost Adentures coming across the Silent Mary Crew O_O XD

Zak:          Alright you bastards! 
                     Make a noise! Attack me!
                     I ain’t scared! Where are you?!

*Meanwhile, the crew are watching him from the shadows, out of sight*

Lesaro:    Who IS this moron?

Magda:    I don’t know … but I want to 
                      eviscerate him

Lesaro:      No eviscerations, the capitan
                       would lose it if he saw any more
                      mess on the deck
Zak:          –If ya don’t want to attack me,
                        attack Aaro
… Oh, that’ right,
                        I fired him. Well, in that case, 
                         attack Nick
– … Oh, yeah, he
                         left … 
                         Fuck me, am I the only one
                          doing this show now?!

*Suddenly Mando appears and throws him overboard*

Zak:                AAARGGH!!-


Zach:          COME AT ME, DEMON! I’LL END YOU!!

Salazar:      *Looking down at him from the railing*
                         Oh, will you just? Good luck with that 



Nico, Juan and Rodney filming the scene after the curse has been broken … Funny thing is, they look more like they ate something bad for lunch and they’re gonna hurl 


Dadazar teaching the Crewlings to walk on water

Dadazar:      Alright, I will say this once and once only! 
                        I want each of you to go to the railing, jump
                       off, and land feet-first on the surface of the 
                         water!- Lesaro, why are you crying?!

Mumsaro:     *Bawling his eyes out* My Crewlings are
                                finally learning how to walk on water! 
                               I’m just so happyyyyy!!!! 

Dadazar:       *Rolls eyes* Anyway, Magda you can go first 

*Magda doesn’t say anything, just walks to edge of the ship with an emotionless look on his face, then jumps off, landing on the surface of the water* 

Dadazar:       Good, now the rest of you 

*Santos jumps down, lands on his feet* 

Dadazar:       Ok, now you, Moss 

*Moss jumps down, but due to his pants/breeches being so baggy, he trips over them and starts swearing angrilly in Spanish, Santos is amused by this and starts laughing, to which Moss responds by going over and kicking him in the shin. Magda side-glances at them with a dead-pan expression* 

      Behave yourselves down there! Now you,

Mumsaro:     *To Nico* Make me proud, sweetie! 

*Nico toddles to the railing, jumps off, but ends up somersaulting mid-air and dives head-first into the water. Santos and Moss burst out laughing, Magda still has a dead-pan expression, and Mando facepalms* 

Dadazar:     No, Nico … No

Mumsaro:     *Clasping hands, beeming* Isn’t he

Dadazar    *Sigh* He’s hopeless 

*Nico has corrected himself, is now sitting on the surface of the water, overhears what Mando has said and starts crying* 

    Aw! He didn’t mean it! 

*Goes down and hugs Nico, who is now crying his eyes out* 

Dadazar:       You’re too soft on them, Lesaro!  

Because Mandy, Magda and Lesaro colouring pages are AWESOME!!!…

Because Mandy, Magda and Lesaro colouring pages are AWESOME!!! (Though an entire colouring book of ALL the Silent Mary boys would be even better)

Magda and Nico – this year’s two new baby Magpies (I named after…

Magda and Nico – this year’s two new baby Magpies (I named after characters- offical and fan-named – from the POTC5 movie)  

We have a brand new baby Magpie living across the road! He is…

We have a brand new baby Magpie living across the road! He is sooo cute! Look at him! Hasn’t even got tail-feathers, yet! I’ve decided to name him after a certain POTC5 Silent Mary Officer: Magda!

(Magda can be used as a female name as well, since this baby could be either male or female)

Our bebes! From left to right:     Officer Chris, Bracelet…

Our bebes! 
From left to right:     Officer Chris, Bracelet Sailor, Officer Nico, Lesaro, Salazar/Mando, Officer Santos, Officer Moss, Officer Magda. 

I love how we’ve given nicknames to the ones who did not have official names 😛

Because another screenshot of Magda was needed … No, seriously, it was. I don’t care what…

Because another screenshot of Magda was needed … 
No, seriously, it was. I don’t care what anyone says 







Salazar’s Officers

Question: What was the point in giving names to only SOME of Salazar’s Officers? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love that they have names, but seriously, why? At no point in the movie were ANY of them addressed by their names! Lesaro was Salazar’s second in command, yet Salazar never spoke to him or gave him verbal orders, so why not just call him “Salazar’s lieutenant”? Why give him a name if you’re not going to use it in the film? As for Moss, Magda and Santos, none of them were addressed by their names, either, and the only one out of the three who said anything in the whole movie was Moss, and it was only four words! Nico Cortez – who also plays a Officer – spoke in the film, too, but HIS character was not given a name! Maybe it was to help  the filmmakers distinguish these particular Officers from the others, I don’t know, but it’s a bit strange.  

#Not EvenDavyJones’CrewHadNames