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Stubborn Capitan part 1

*As the Silent Mary is sailing into the Triangle*

Lesaro:    Uh, sir? You might want to focus

Mando:    *Staring at Jack* I AM focused …

Lesaro:     No, I mean on the situation in FRONT of us!

Mando:     *Still glaring at Jack* Lesaro, can’t you see
                       I’m trying to indicate my intense hatred
                      for this particular pirate?!

Lesaro:     I actually think this *gestures to Trangle*
                   is more portant, sir

Mando:    Nonsense! Nothing is more important than-

*Crashes into rocks*

Mando:     MIERDA! Who put those rocks there?!
                      Lesaro! Why the hell didn’t you warn
                      me about those?!

*Lesaro facepalms*

BAHAHAHA!! Nico’s face!! XD

BAHAHAHA!! Nico’s face!! XD

I think I need to draw a pic of Lesaro braiding Mandy’s hair :P

Dadazar teaching the Crewlings to walk on water

Dadazar:      Alright, I will say this once and once only! 
                        I want each of you to go to the railing, jump
                       off, and land feet-first on the surface of the 
                         water!- Lesaro, why are you crying?!

Mumsaro:     *Bawling his eyes out* My Crewlings are
                                finally learning how to walk on water! 
                               I’m just so happyyyyy!!!! 

Dadazar:       *Rolls eyes* Anyway, Magda you can go first 

*Magda doesn’t say anything, just walks to edge of the ship with an emotionless look on his face, then jumps off, landing on the surface of the water* 

Dadazar:       Good, now the rest of you 

*Santos jumps down, lands on his feet* 

Dadazar:       Ok, now you, Moss 

*Moss jumps down, but due to his pants/breeches being so baggy, he trips over them and starts swearing angrilly in Spanish, Santos is amused by this and starts laughing, to which Moss responds by going over and kicking him in the shin. Magda side-glances at them with a dead-pan expression* 

      Behave yourselves down there! Now you,

Mumsaro:     *To Nico* Make me proud, sweetie! 

*Nico toddles to the railing, jumps off, but ends up somersaulting mid-air and dives head-first into the water. Santos and Moss burst out laughing, Magda still has a dead-pan expression, and Mando facepalms* 

Dadazar:     No, Nico … No

Mumsaro:     *Clasping hands, beeming* Isn’t he

Dadazar    *Sigh* He’s hopeless 

*Nico has corrected himself, is now sitting on the surface of the water, overhears what Mando has said and starts crying* 

    Aw! He didn’t mean it! 

*Goes down and hugs Nico, who is now crying his eyes out* 

Dadazar:       You’re too soft on them, Lesaro!  

POTC 5 ALTERNATE SILENT MARY & QUEEN ANNE’S REVENGE SCENE (AKA Where Barbossa makes a bad joke … and regrets it)

#FatalMistakesWereMade #MandyIsNotAmused #LesaroISAmused #BarbossaNo

Because Mandy, Magda and Lesaro colouring pages are AWESOME!!!…

Because Mandy, Magda and Lesaro colouring pages are AWESOME!!! (Though an entire colouring book of ALL the Silent Mary boys would be even better)

Character Interviews during POTC 5

Jack:             *Drunk* Where am I?! Who are you?! 
Carina:          -I’m just so sick of people calling me a witch!
                          I mean, we have an ACTUAL Witch in the story,
                          you would think people would notice the
                           difference, but oooh nooo! 
Henry:      No! Of coarse I’m not in love with Carina!
                     I told this to Jack and I’m telling you: my
                     priority is saving my father, not worrying
                     about girl- *gets distracted by Carina walking
Barbossa:    I be wantin’ me treasure, and no dead man
                          is gonna take it from me! I would rather be
                          cursed a thousand times than lose me
                          treasure! I would rather die than lose
                           me treasure! I would rather-

Shansa:         -Milk cows?

                             RETIRING TO THE COUNTRY-SIDE!


Scarfield:       The British Empire will rule the-



Uncle Jack:    La-di-da, all the jokes, and now I’m gone!

*Disappears in puff of smoke*


Salazar:     When the Monarch chases a pirate ship
                     into the Devil’s Triangle no one makes an issue,
                      but when I do it, EVERYONE LOSES
                       THEIR SHIT AND CALLS ME FOOLISH!!

Lesaro:         Sir, remember what your therapist said?

Salazar:        I don’t need a hug, Lesaro!

Lesaro:           I think you do

*Hugs him* 

Salazar:          No I- ugh …                                            

I don’t even

I don’t even

Cordial Intent

Was just thinking, imagine if – after the part where the Queen Anne’s Revenge encounters the Silent Mary – in every one of Salazar’s scenes, Salazar just quietly laughed and repeated “Cordial intent” to himself, until it got to the point where he was just so amused by the fact that a pirate offered to be cordial with him, that he just ends up in absolute hysterics over it. Also, every time he sees Barbossa, he just loses it, and therefore he can’t tell him the tale of how he got cursed, so Lesaro ends up having to tell it XD

Saw a guy at work the other day wearing an eye patch .. not only that, but he looked very similar to…

Saw a guy at work the other day wearing an eye patch .. not only that, but he looked very similar to a certain Spanish Lieutenant