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Amazon Studios greenlights Hernan Cortes serie…

Amazon Studios greenlights Hernan Cortes series to star Javier Bardem: undefined


Some fuckwit on my Salazar FB page just called…


I’d love for Javier to do voice-work in an ani…

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Javier Bardem with some Chinstrap Penguins <3

You’re welcome

This is my phone wallpaper. I&rsquo;m amazed i…

This is my phone wallpaper. I’m amazed it can handle this much hotness


SALAZAR:       I love you 

LESARO:         You never loved me! You only loved how much I loved you!

Gorgeous = these two being cuddly

Javier’s mother, Pilar, congratulating her son…

Srsly, tho, how adorable are they?!! <3 <3 <3

Javier Bardem (@bardemantarctic) • Instagram p…

Javier Bardem (@bardemantarctic) • Instagram photos and videos:

Javier Bardem – along wih his brother, Carlos – is now part of the Instagram world, and is behind this campaign to protect the waters of the Antarctic. If you plan to follow this page, you should remember that it’s for an important cause, something Javier takes seriously, and that it’s not for people to fan-stalk him or use as an excuse to contact him for unrelated reasons.