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Meanwhile on the Silent Mary … (A Carina <3 …


Carina <3 Salazar 3  (I think Carina’s a bit d…

CARINA <3 SALAZAR: 2 (this is getting ridiculo…


(I know how you feel, Carina)

Mando has had it up to here with your crap, Ba…

Mando has had it up to here with your crap, Barbossa

Stubborn Capitan part 2

Barbossa:     I’ve heard stories about you,
                          capitan, and I would like to know
                          if those stories are true

Lesaro:         Ignore him, sir, he just wants to distract you
                         so you won’t won’t kill him

Mando:          You think I would tell this filthy pirate my                                         story?! Of coarse I wouldn’t! As I already
                          told that boy “dead men tell no tales”,
                         and he is not worth telling my story to! 

Lesaro:          Don’t you mean “our” tale, sir?

Mando:         *throws hands in air dramatically*

Barbossa:       *Mock disappointment* that’s a shame,
                            and here I thought you would want
                            someone to know why you hate Sparrow
                            so much … *sighs* my mistake

Lesaro:            Shut your mouth! The capitan is not going
                          to be tricked into wasting time telling
                         you about-

*Salazar meanwhile  has already started relaying the story about how Jack destroyed him*

Lesaro:             *To himself* You know what? I don’t even                                      know what I was expecting -_-      

Tumblr is so unexciting today, my feed has pretty much done a Barbossa and died.

POTC 5 ALTERNATE SILENT MARY & QUEEN ANNE’S REVENGE SCENE (AKA Where Barbossa makes a bad joke … and regrets it)

#FatalMistakesWereMade #MandyIsNotAmused #LesaroISAmused #BarbossaNo

I was thinking, wouldn’t it be funny if Mulroy and Murtogg weren’t present when Salazar had Barbossa…

I was thinking, wouldn’t it be funny if Mulroy and Murtogg weren’t present when Salazar had Barbossa and the rest of his crew tied upside down, and instead they were below deck arguing or debating with each other about random shit -as they usualy do. Then, later, Salazar goes below and deck and is like totally confused as to why he hell they’re still on his ship 😛    

Character Interviews during POTC 5

Jack:             *Drunk* Where am I?! Who are you?! 
Carina:          -I’m just so sick of people calling me a witch!
                          I mean, we have an ACTUAL Witch in the story,
                          you would think people would notice the
                           difference, but oooh nooo! 
Henry:      No! Of coarse I’m not in love with Carina!
                     I told this to Jack and I’m telling you: my
                     priority is saving my father, not worrying
                     about girl- *gets distracted by Carina walking
Barbossa:    I be wantin’ me treasure, and no dead man
                          is gonna take it from me! I would rather be
                          cursed a thousand times than lose me
                          treasure! I would rather die than lose
                           me treasure! I would rather-

Shansa:         -Milk cows?

                             RETIRING TO THE COUNTRY-SIDE!


Scarfield:       The British Empire will rule the-



Uncle Jack:    La-di-da, all the jokes, and now I’m gone!

*Disappears in puff of smoke*


Salazar:     When the Monarch chases a pirate ship
                     into the Devil’s Triangle no one makes an issue,
                      but when I do it, EVERYONE LOSES
                       THEIR SHIT AND CALLS ME FOOLISH!!

Lesaro:         Sir, remember what your therapist said?

Salazar:        I don’t need a hug, Lesaro!

Lesaro:           I think you do

*Hugs him* 

Salazar:          No I- ugh …                                            

Cordial Intent

Was just thinking, imagine if – after the part where the Queen Anne’s Revenge encounters the Silent Mary – in every one of Salazar’s scenes, Salazar just quietly laughed and repeated “Cordial intent” to himself, until it got to the point where he was just so amused by the fact that a pirate offered to be cordial with him, that he just ends up in absolute hysterics over it. Also, every time he sees Barbossa, he just loses it, and therefore he can’t tell him the tale of how he got cursed, so Lesaro ends up having to tell it XD