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Since I have had quite a few people ask why he is called “Bracelet Sailor”, I have decided to explain it.

A while ago – before the movie was released – @mains-angeliques  and I were discussing the goings on in this image, and more importantly, why this one particular sailor was not paying attention to what everyone else was looking at:


@mains-angeliques suggested that maybe he  found a bracelet and was trying to fix the latch on it 😛 Then, after they were all killed, he lost it and he blames Jack for making him lose it.


So, there you have it, the story of how Bracelet Sailor got his name 😛 

Bracelet Sailor’s identity

After much facial identification, I have come to the conclusion that I have found who plays Bracelet Sailor.
His names is Helder Fernandes.
So the question is this: do we continue calling him “Bracelet Sailor”, or should be call him “Helder”, i.e, refer to him by the actor’s first name like we do with Nico and Chris?

Our bebes! From left to right:     Officer Chris, Bracelet…

Our bebes! 
From left to right:     Officer Chris, Bracelet Sailor, Officer Nico, Lesaro, Salazar/Mando, Officer Santos, Officer Moss, Officer Magda. 

I love how we’ve given nicknames to the ones who did not have official names 😛

@mains-angeliques That moment when Bracelet Sailor photobombed Officer Moss :PThis pic is just gold…

@mains-angeliques That moment when Bracelet Sailor photobombed Officer Moss 😛

This pic is just gold <3