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Salazar’s “Men”

I notice in alot

of stories, rps and fanfics


people have Salazar referring


the crew of

the Silent

Mary as “My crew” or “

the crew”, and alhough



IS what

they are, it

is acually more likely


he would refer

to them as “My men”, or “

The men”, since he is a Naval captain.

The word “Crew” sounds much

too unprofessional for someone like Salazar

to be using, more suited for

those captaining merchant and pirate ships.

I love that Javier and Juan were in make-up to…

Gorgeous boys 

Too much awesomeness to handle <3

Too much awesomeness to handle <3

Mandy being ridiculously gorgeous &lt;3

Mandy being ridiculously gorgeous <3

Carina <3 Salazar part 4

Poor Mando, he’s not ready for a relationship right now 😛

Captain Armando “My hair keeps getting in my f…

Anyone else notice the effort Javier put into …

Knees and feet pointing outwards, with the left leg stepping close to his cane and the cane taking the weight.


Knees and feet now facing inwards, his right leg and weight now being supported by his sword


Knees and feet facing outwards again. Notice how he lifts his cane at the same time he lefts his left leg, and lifts his sword at the same time he lifts his right leg. Makes me wonder if he has problems with BOTH legs instead of just one, but it only got worse when he became cursed.


Since there is nothing wrong with Javier’s legs, I imagine it may have been tricky at times for him to keep up this strange and uncomfortable gait. 


Since Mando was initially meant to be either Bisexual or Gay, it doesn’t matter if we ship him with Lesaro, Henry, or Carina!

#IsItEvenATrashPairing? #ItTotallyWorks #ILikeTheIdeaOfHimBeingBisexual #JavierWasDroppingHintsAnyway

That moment when you realise, that, although h…

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Carina <3 Salazar 3  (I think Carina’s a bit d…