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( Cont. @clavicusviledaedricprince )

Salazar felt a rush of childlike giddiness. He straightened up, waved his men to back down, and removed his hand from the sword handle.

“My name is Capitan Armando Salazar of the Silent Mary, a naval ship. We are the law at sea; bringing criminal to justice. Pirates swarmed the seas for too long, and we are here to clean up the mess.”

He indicated his men.

“These are my Officers and Privates. I will give you their full names if you wish…I am 400 years old, and most of my crew is well past the century mark, save for a handful.”

Salazar kept his distance, not wanting to disrupt this perfect moment. he would be a true force of nature….so would his men, and so would his kind….”

“So you want to rid the world of pirates AND silver AND fire? That’s a lot of things to rid the world of; some may even see that as unrealistic, or selfish” Clavicus crossed his arms “I also do not need the names of everyone of your little menagerie, they are not that important to me, I just needed a bit of information”, he sighed “Alright, I suppose you want me to forfill my end of the bargain? I shall grant your wish, and rid the world of pirates, silver, and fire”, he snapped his fingers, “There you go, your problems are gone”, Clavicus grinned “I do apologize, I must be getting back to my realm, but if you want to speak to me again, I will be leaving Barbas here; he can relay messages for you”, and before any of the vampires could respond, he disappeared. 

Armando did not notice any great change at first, apart from random people – mostly men – who had appeared to have fallen where they sat or stood; he assumed these people must have been pirates, but managed to keep that fact hidden from him and his crew. They came across ships that were drifting, their crews no longer living, and not only that but he and his kind were no longer being attacked by Slayers. It all seemed so perfect … Until they noticed something else.
It started with the fact that young boys had also died suddenly, they were usually around the ages of 15, all of whom Armando realised were pirates. There was also other issues, as well, such as the fact that both Spain and Britain were no longer able to make coins from silver, and in fact, everything that was once made from silver, no longer existed: cutlery, jewellery, dining-ware, candlesticks, and weapons – which, to  be honest, did not worry the Vampires too much.
However, the most concerning thing was the fact Clavicus had not only removed human-made silver items from existance, he removed silver from the earth itself.
Silver is a natural cleaner, so after a period of time, bacteria started to accumulate in the water supplies, resulting in more diseases in humans, and the vampires could not feed on sick humans. 
Then there was the issue of the fact that Clavicus had also removed fire from existance, which meant people were no longer able to cook or keep warm, many people and professions went out of business, the houses, as well as streets in cities and towns were pitch black due to lanterns and candles not being able to be lit, and crewmembers on ships – even Salazar’s – could not fire a cannon because they would not create spark.

Armando had realised too late that his wish WOULD have repercussions.  

He hadn’t expected this. Immunity to silver and fire had been on his mind, not the complete removal of it from existence in this world. Salazar and the rest of his kind were forced to feed on animals more often; humans being total shut ins most of the time to keep out the elements. Diseased humans were not totally inedible but were foul tasting and provided little nourishment.

Armando was enraged, but felt pulled down by guilt. He had made a deal, and now reaped severe consequences. No one, not even enemies could battle at sea unless it was strictly with blades. The navy was almost obsolete now. They had to find Barbas, find him quick and get his damn friend to undo the wish. It stung his pride to admit he was wrong, but Salazar needed to right this grave mistake. If he even could. if the demon would even listen…

A panther moved about the inky black forest, eyes unhindered but soul heavy. He sniffed out the dog, coming face to face with it as he emerged from some bushes.

“Barbas….I would like to have a word with Clavicus….”

Barbas had been exploring the area when he felt Armando’s presence; noticing the vampires’ urgence he let out a short chuckle “I was wondering how long it would take you to come back” he said “I was expecting you”, he turned away before shapeshifting into tall humanoid-like creature with golden skin, purple eyes and pointed, elven ears, light blonde hair, two horns, similar to an antelope’s. He walked a few paces away from the vampire, muttering words to himself in a language Armando had never heard of, before a portal-like void appeared, like the one that had appeared when Barbas first arrived. 
“Master” he called “this vampire – Salazar – would like a word”, he stepped away and shapeshifted back into his dog form, and only a few seconds after, Clavicus emerged from the portal, “Well, well, well” he said, grinning to himself “Not satisfied with the results of your wish, I assume? Not that I am surprised, but that is what happens”, he looked at Armando, who was starting to become impatient, “Oh, don’t look at me like that, you were the one who wished for all pirates, silver, and fire to be gone, it is not my fault you did not specify which of those pirates should die, and how much silver and fire should be removed”.

“Can you undo the wish? If so, what do you desire from me as payment? I need to right this grave mistake…”

Salazar disliked few things more than admitting he was wrong; especially to some smug demon thing only looking for a laugh at the expense if others.

But he had to do admit it. If it would help him fix this disasterous mess, he would admit he was wrong a thousand times over. Armando felt a pit of self loathing yawn open and grow in his chest. Because of him, people were suffering, and society had nearly collasped.

“Please, hombre…. reverse this foolish want of mine…”

Clavicus rolled his eyes, “Typical” he said “You may be immortal, but your lack of imagination is just as evident as any mortal’s. I know little to nothing about this world, so asking me if I want something in return is pointless … Unless, of coarse, this realm has artifacts of power, then I might be interested”.

A flash of a memory came to the vampire captain. His eyes glowed and he stepped forward eagerly, trying not to appear so desperate.

“There is an object of tremendous power! The Trident…can control all seven seas in this realm!”

Would the demon even be interested in controlling the oceans? Armando could only hope beyond hope.

Clavicus laughed, it wasn’t a mocking laugh, it was real, he was genuinely amused, “Control the oceans?!” He exclaimed “and what makes you think I would want to do that?! Oh, sure, it might be fun, for a while, but it sounds rather boring”, Barbas growled in agreement “There is no way that this Trident is the only artifact you know of … There has to be others, so tell us about them”. 

Salazar didn’t know of any others, and felt panic rising. He wouldn’t dare lie to this being. Oh no….that would dig the already massive pit he was in into an inescapable abyss.

“Hombre….I….do not know of anything else…” 

He felt himself sink into despair. The world was a cold, chaotic mess, and vampire and mortal alike struggled to scrape by; constantly at odds.

“Is there something else I could get you? Something you need from another realm, but perhaps don’t have the time to obtain or don’t want to risk anything? I am willing to get it for you…”

Clavicus huffed and threw his hands in the air “Oh, don’t be so dramatic!” He said “There are many things on Nirn and Mundas that I am after, but I can always get the mortals or the lesser Daedra I command to fetch them for me. Plus it’d be a nightmare trying to open a portal from here to Nirn … I don’t even know how I managed to open one between here and Oblivion. The artifacts I like to collect are usually able to absorb souls, so if you ever come across an artifact of power like that, let me know.”