New Realm





The word “confused” did nothing to sum up what Clavicus was experiencing at the moment; when he managed to create a portal, he was expecting to end up on Nirn, the mortal realm – or planet – where the lands known as Skyrim and Cyrodil were … But this was NOT Nirn. Not only that, but this was not even in the same Celestial Plain as Nirn, but it WAS similar. The air was similar, the earth was similar, as were the plants and animals, and then there were the inhabitants: mortals, he scoffed to himself, typical, it’s like they were the cockroaches, spreading themselves out all across Universes like the pests they were.
He found himself approaching a village, and quickly shapeshifted into a regular man to blend in with the locals; after all, if people were to see some humanoid being with horns walking through the streets, they would surely make an issue. As he entered the town, however, he noticed people were visibly panicking, running around, shouting orders, some even grabbing weapons – or objects they would be using as weapons – and heading in one direction, while the rest – mainly women and children – ran off in the other. Clavicus decided to track the group of weapon-wielding folk, wordlessly he watched them run down towards the shore, where he also saw the siluoette of a large sailing ship. Not soon after came screams, and Clavicus knew those humans had just been killed violently. Not that it surprised him, those fools were asking for death. 
Whatever – or whoever – had killed them, was heading in the direction of the village, and Clavicus could see now a goup of men – or what looked like men – running at inhuman speed toward the houses, “Vampires” Clavicus sneered to himself “So they exist here, too … How disappointing”. He watched them attack and kill just about the whole town, with children being the only ones spared. Finally, the Vampires stopped their assault, and that was when Clavicus decided to approach: “And just what was the poinf of all that, just now?” 

The creatures turned about to regard the stranger, eyes of varying colors glaring; faces and fronts all drenched in blood. A few whispered to eachother, several others screeched, and then one strode forward, gritting serrated teeth.

“The point? Hombre, these people, these filth, were pirates; criminals who have raped, murdered and stolen…..sinking ships and sending good men to a watery grave…..”

This man seemed to be the leader of the group, and approached Clavicus, yellow eyes staring into his soul.

“Who are you, amigo and why have you come?”

Clavicus saw no point in keeping this mortal guise, so he turned back into his natural form, and the first thing Armando noticed about this person, if he even was a person, was his aura; he was eminating an horrific amount of power, his demeanor was calm, but at the same time it felt as though something could snap at any moment. He also noted his appearance, this being was wearing what you would expect to see something akin to what Ancient Roman or Greeks wore, he also appeared to be quite young, in his late teens or early twenties. He had wavy golden hair that reached to his shoulders, and two horns – similar to a goats – protruding from the sides of his head. Armando also noted his voice, his accent sounded British, cockney to be exact. 

Clavicus grinned, it outwardly appeared friendly, but the vampires knew this guy was losing patience, and Armando knew he was not in the slightest bit scared or nervous of him or his crew, “Oh, I’m sorry, but I believe I was the one who asked a question first” he said “But if you really feel the need to know who I am, I’ll tell you: I am Clavicus Vile, Daedric Prince of Power, Wishes and Deals” he watched their confused faces in amusement “Oh that’s right, you don’t know what I’m talking about. I’ll have to explain”.
“You may think that I am not of this world, and you would be correct. There are other celestial plains that exist in other universe parallel to your own. My realm is within this parallel universe, and it is called Oblivion. Well, actually, Oblivion consists of more than one realm, and each realm is ruled by a Daedric Prince, of which I am one”. 
The vampires just stood there with dumbstruck looks on their faces, Clavicus just rollled his eyes, “Ugh, I can see this is going to take a while for you to process” he muttered.


While the Vampires were trying to work out what was just said to them, a strange, portal-like void suddenly appeared, and from it emerged a large dog, similar to an Irish Wolfhound “Master! There you are!” Armando and the others were shocked, they could have sworn the dog just spoke, “I’ve been looking everywhere for you! How did you get here?! Where is here?!” The vampires realised it was the dog who was speaking, which just made this whole situation even stranger. Clavicus rolled his eyes “How should I know where we are, Barbas?! All I know is that it’s another mortal realm, though apparently vampires exist in this world, too” he gestured to the group of discombobulated men.
Barbas looked around “I’m guessing you lot did a number on the locals?”