Falling Out


( For @capitanarmandosalazar )

Fury. That is all Henry could could feel. Armando did not listen, did not understand. He had never been mortal, never known the struggles or anxieties. The captain could be so insufferably arrogant in his so called knowledge of human kind; of what Henry experienced. Trying to talk things out was like holding a conversation with a rock.

Must be what takes up the space in that skull of his….Henry thought as he stormed outside. 


Armando let the young man walk off. What had gotten into him? Henry was being ridiculous and illogical.

“YOU ARE OVERREACTING MI AMOR! FINE! BE THAT WAY!” it was almost unbelievable. For such a calm creature, Henry was spouting more fire than a dragon.

Salazar slammed the door shut, turning away from it and prowling to his desk to snatch a book. He needed to get his mind off of human matters. Being with his own kind could have its own challenges, but at least he’d be able to relax and think. Humans were frustrating, and that was an understatement.

Turner walked, further and further from the house; heading into town. He needed the presence of other mortals; to be away from the supernatural Spaniard.

The day wore on, but his anger didn’t. Henry’s mind was settling after a few drinks; his soul calmed and brought to earth. It was late, he was exhausted, and home was seeming more and more appealing….being in Armando’s arms, resting against his chest as he played with Henry’s hair. Being surrounded by loud, dull townsfolk, made him appreciate the big old Spanish 

He rose, staggering a bit as he began to make his way back to the cottage.

Armando was dazed in the chair, a few wine bottles scattered about. Drunk and alone….Henry had gone off to Dios knows where. His eyes were gritty and reddish from crying. That’s when the door burst open, and a sobbing Henry crashed inside the living room. 

“Mandooooo…..I’m sorry….so sorry….I’m an idiot!” 

Salazar was already up, falling to his knees and taking Henry in his arms.

“NO, nononono! I am the fool Henry! You are right…I am terrible at listening…I don’t know what to do…”

They hugged each other fiercely; falling over on their sides. Henry patted Armando’s cheek.

“You are truly awful at listening! But I accept your apology!”

They began laughing and kissing. Armando rolling on top of Henry and earning some strained protests.

“And Henry, you have nothing to atone or apologize for…..nothing at all…”

A short while later, they were both fast asleep; Henry snoring louder than his captain; who awoke, bundling his amor up and taking him into the bedroom. As much as he wanted to have some quality time with Henry, they both needed proper rest. Armando detested the fact they had such a nasty argument; that they had both gotten drunk to drown the situation. He was not proud of it, but he supposed a battle of egos was bound to happen sooner or later.

He kissed Henry’s forehead and settled beside him.

“I will do my best to listen, dear heart. I don’t think you’re the only one who will be grateful for that.”

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