I imagine that, although he accepts them -Henry and Mando – being together, Lesaro still gets a bit jealous of Henry from time to time, and one day – in 2018 – he decides to tell Henry that he’s brought tickets for him and Mando to go for a night out at the movies. Henry thinks Lesaro is being overly nice, until he gets the tickets and they say what movie they’re going to see: “Red Sparrow”. Henry doesn’t tell Mando what movie they’re seeing, and Mando is just so excited that if Henry says the “S” word, he knows Mando will get upset. 
Unfortunately, while they are in the cinema, every time a character in the film says “Sparrow”, Mando gets to his feet, brandishing is sword and shouts “WHERE’S SPARROW?!” Thus follows much complaining by fellow movie watchers, threats from cinema Ushers, ranting from Mando, and Henry sitting with his head in his hands wishing he had swapped the tickets for another movie.