New Student


(Cont. @capitanarmandosalazar )

He listened to Alysse and all she had to say. That would explain a few things, but Armando still felt intrusive; like he was prying too deeply into Tennesi’s life. Even though her sister had told him without pressuring or questions, he did not feel right. In any case, he was grateful to have met them both personally. 

“I know Tennesi’s not keen on homework, but this research project is worth a considerable portion of the grade. She can choose whatever topic she desires, I’ll make an exception for her. Any topic, 10-15 pages.”

Salazar smiled at Alysse, sensing Tennesi’s gaze from the stairs, but not showing it.

“I am pleased she has joined the school, it’s nice to have new faces on board. We do offer clubs and after school activities if she is so inclined. Anyways, I really should be going; quite a bit to do. It was a pleasure meeting you, Alysse. And Tennesi! Do take care. Hope to see you back on campus.”

He departed their house and got into his car, running over a portion of curb and cursing loudly as he took out a garbage can. Armando got out, righted the can, and then sped away.

Tennesi heard what Armando said from her bedroom doorway and likedo the idea of the topic of her homework being whatever she wanted. She also had also wanted to do after school activities but hesitated due to her social awkwardness. She was lost in a train of thought when she was snapped out of it by the sound of Armando saying goodbye, before she heard his car leave their driveway. She also heard what sounded like his car crashing into a trash can, “At least he’s a better driver than the taxi drivers in London” Tennesi mused to herself.