Eliza plays a prank on the Salazars, filling t…

Eliza plays a prank on the Salazars, filling the house with penguins and 8 inch snow on the ground. When Mando comes downstairs in his naval uniform, the penguins swarm him and squawk demands at him. Maria and Christianna are watching with expressions of absolute horror on their faces as they survey the snow, Alejandro drawing the chaos, Tomas just watches with a smirk on his face, Anton has a panicked expression as a baby penguin cuddles with him, and Raoul is just cackling.

I LOVE IT! Best prank ever XD Mando loses his footing and slips, sliding on his stomach into Christianna and knocking her on her ass.

Eliza just sips some coffee, looking mildly bewildered.

“Gee, wonder how this happened? It is a mystery!”