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They had been following the foul little beast for a few hours; scents and heartbeats masked with a potion. This vampire was clearly lacking in the legendary strength his kind was known for. It was even rumored his other form was a kitten. How utterly pathetic….why Salazar kept this one around was a mystery. Such a mighty and feared captain allowing such a weakling to work aboard his ship. Made no sense.

Granted, the officer was still a good deal dangerous, but in comparison to the rest of the Mary, well he fell considerably short. At least it made a slayer’s job easier. This target would be a breeze to exterminate. Joseph motioned for Carol to follow him. His wife would collect the thing’s heart and skull to add to their growing collection.

She shot the young demon in the back with a silver tipped arrow, and he staggered, screeching, trying to steady himself on a tree but failing. Bracero snarled at the slayers as they stood over him.

“Aww, you’re not very frightening…”

He opened his mouth and displayed his fangs, swiping at them as he attempted to dislodge the arrow, tears coming to his eyes. They kicked him, laughing and spitting in his face. Tossing a silver chain over their new prize, Carol and Joseph tied him up and dragged him back to their cabin.

Bracero was horrified. These were no ordinary slayers, no quick killing and getting the job done as fast as possible. His demise would be drawn out, a slow, twisting, jagged line across an endless canvas. The officer cursed himself for wandering so far from the rest. Breath rapid and shallow, he struggled fruitlessly against the chain. Joseph reach down and bent the arrow, twisting it in Bracero’s heart.

He begged and pleaded, but it fell on deaf ears. Carol picked up some silver pliers, and Joseph now bore a mallet of the same metal.

“Scream all you like. We want to hear it all!” Carol giggled as her husband raised the mallet.

A gust of wind made the window burst open, blowing out the candles and snuffing the blaze in the fireplace. The couple ceased their snickering and lowered their weapons. A soul shriveling sound came from the woods, one filled with a rage unlike anything the humans had ever heard. A vampire’s scream, only it was more like a roar.

Then, coming from the opposite side of the cabin, another screech tore the air. Carol and Joseph paled, the tools plummeting from their hands. 

“We’re safe here, Carol. They cannot enter without an invitation-”


Bracero felt waves of peace fall upon him as he heard the enraged cries of his captain and crew. He was saved. The front door was ripped clear off its hinges and tossed aside. A figure stood in the frame, yellow eyes like lanterns. Armando Salazar.

“Hombre, you dare harm one of my officer’s….” the captain stalked towards Joseph, a force of nature about to be unleashed.

Carol swung the mallet, but her arm was caught. A single flick of Armando’s wrist cracked bone in multiple places, and she was picked up and thrown into the far wall, skull cracking open as it met stone. Joseph cried out, former bravado completely gone. He made a beeline for the open window, but a single burning eye gave him pause. It was staring into his soul from the shadows.

The lieutenant of the Silent Mary, Lesaro, reached through the frame; grabbing a hold of Joseph’s face. His features collapsed as Lesaro crushed them into a pulp. The bodies of both slayers were plucked apart and flayed for all to see; strung up in front of their stolen cabin on two tall poles; connected to each other by little bits of meat and thread.

“Bracero….thank Dios we arrived in time…”

The officer managed a small smile as Salazar deftly extracted the arrow and Lesaro undid the chains, ignoring the burning to his own hands as he freed his friend. They hugged him close.

“Lo siento…I am so weak….cannot ever hope to match-”

Salazar stopped the officer from finishing.

“None of that now, and none of that ever again, amigo. You are stronger than they will ever be.”

Lesaro put an arm around him, giving Bracero an intense but caring look.

“And we couldn’t be more proud to have you aboard the Mary. You have always exceeded expectations.”

They helped him stand and guided him out of the dismal structure. Salazar wagged a claw in Bracero’s face.

“But no more wandering off like that in unfamiliar territory!”

aaaaawww!! Stupid Slayers! Don’t pick on Bracero!