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(Cont. @capitanarmandosalazar  )

He nodded at the term “Arsemonger” it was definitely appropriate in that instance. Armando felt a rush of sorrow for Tennesi and her family. Almost lost so much, all because of one despicable fool who couldn’t be bothered to stay off the road.

“May the perpetrator rot in hell.” Salazar forced himself to not growl. The last thing he needed was to frighten the poor girl. 

“If there is anything myself or the school can do to make things easier for you, please let me know. If you need to take a longer break, I will speak with all of your instructors to arrange a timetable.”

He relaxed his posture, putting a sympathetic smile in place.

“I wish your family a speedy recovery….now….for the assignment, it is a research project. Ten pages minimum. Not do until the following month, but it will be a good idea to begin chipping away at it.”

Tennesi sighed, if there was one thing she hated it was homework and she saw no point in it. Matter of fact, she had not done so well in her last school simply because she refused to do her homework, unless it was on a subject she enjoyed, “Thrills” she muttered sarcastically “Ten page minimum essay? I have trouble writing 2 pages of the sort of garbage teachers want me to write; and I suppose they want it written in my own words? Pft, typical” she crossed her arms “What’s the topic? Something utterly mundane that will have no use to me in the real world? How about I just write them a 200 page essay on how stupid I think the education system is?!” 

His expression chilled considerably at Tennesi’s words. Armando stood straighter, her sudden attitude chipping away his patience. His grip on the cane tightened.

“If you truly believe the education system is stupid, then by all means, give me those papers back. If you think none of this will have real world applications, then kindly request that I remove your name from the student list.”

Salazar fought down a growl. He had been so accommodating, going out of his way to see Tennesi received all she needed to keep up; so she wouldn’t be leagues behind the rest when she did return to school.

“Perhaps it was a mistake for me to bother coming to your house..”

“Typical” Tennesi thought to herself, rolling her eyes, as she was cutting up vegetables for that evening’s dinner. She was so sick of people telling her that homework had to be done or else, it pissed her off no end. She learned enough at school during the day, and she learned even more out of school, so why should she or any other student have to write papers about pointless subjects that will, in no way, help them in their future lives?! But this was not just about homework, she was worried about her brother, but she refused to show it in front of her new principal as she felt it would have made her look like a complete joke, the “delicate student”, and the last thing she wanted was for him to treat her like she was hopeless. She WAS grateful for his help, but there was one thing he didn’t know about her yet: she was Autistic. Not overly, but she was on the spectrum, and she had trouble with emotions. “Fine!” She said angrilly “Expel me! Sorry I voiced an opinion!” She stabbed the knife into the bread board violently and stormed up to her room, slamming the door behind her, leaving Armando standing there with a mixed look of annoyance and shock. It was only now that she noticed the blood on her right hand: in her blind anger, she must have been holding the knife by the blade, and now it looked like it needed treatment, “Well, that’s all I fucking need” she muttered.

Such an outburst had been unexpected to say the least. Armando remained where he was, rooted to the spot. He told himself Tennesi’s emotions were volatile from her family’s current situation, that she was going through a great deal of stress.

But her attitude still angered him. Very few people had spoken to him in such a way over the centuries. Honestly it was sort of refreshing. Salazar quietly cursed to himself. He would have to go speak some sense into Tennesi.

That’s when he noticed the blood on the knife. It was smeared with quite a bit. In Tennesi’s rage, she had injured herself.

“Ms. Ferrino, come out here, por favor. We need to talk. I am not going to expel you…”

Sighing, Tennesi put her head in her hands, contemplating whether or not she should open the door; she hated conflict, even when it came to defusing one, and she knew she was going to get a lecture, something that she felt she did not need, but adults always gave her. The statement “We need to talk” always consisted of them talking and her having to listen, whether she liked it or not. Armando may have seemed different to most adults, but he really wasn’t, at least when it came to abiding by the rules and obeying the “system”, and Tennesi was disappointed by that,and in her short time at the school she had always viewed him as someone who lived by his own rules, no one else’s. She was glad her older sister was still at the hospital, otherwise she’d have two people on her case. 
“Ugh, may as well get it over and done with” she muttered to herself irritably before getting up and opening the door.

Salazar was in the same spot she had left him in, standing with his cane and looking not just stern, but also sympathetic. He studied her face, eyes falling to her hand. While his mask did not slip, his hunger flared from the long day, and his gaze lingered a little too long.

But he caught himself and looked back up at Tennesi’s face.

“I want to apologize for my tone earlier. School can be a frustrating and dull experience for so many…..I was once young like you, and I disliked having to sit down and study things….it seemed pointless to me, and didn’t appear to have any merit for my adult life….I thought it would be much better to go outside and learn while you lived; not pour over books and memorize.”

Salazar walked about the room, shaking his head.

“But I later learned it was more about teaching discipline and responsibility. To function in a job and deal with others, one must be prepared to handle such things. I wish they had different methods, but these are the ones they enforce….and you should get that wound washed and bandaged. Not good to have it exposed.”

“What if someone is antisocial? You can’t exactly force someone like that to work with people,because they’re always going to refuse. I’m not antisocial, but there are are alot of times when I wish I was the only human being on earth, because I can not deal with the stupidity of what others say and do” She paused “But hey, I’m a mental case, and you don’t need to apologize because I was the one who fucked up” she was looking in his direction, but not at him, wanting to apologise properly but not able to get the words out.
“That’s her way of  saying she’s sorry” a voice behind Armando said, he turned around to see an older girl, about 28, walking in “I’m Alysse, Tennesi’s sister” she held out her hand “and I’m assuming you’re from her school?” Tennesi watched from the starway landing as the two greeted each other, “Tennesi can be a handful sometimes, but you just have to get used to her, and her disability” Alysse said and Tennesi instantly growled “It’s not a disability!” Alysse shook her head and pointed towards the bathroom “It is classed as one, now go and clean that cut on your hand, I’m not even gonna ask how you did that” she ordered, and Tennesi rolled her eyes before walking off.