The Escape (part 2 to Aftermath)


I don’t own POTC or its respective characters. Ernesto Sanchez, Andres Manolo, Louis Sparrow and Easter Montoya are mine.Thank you @ninjacat1515  for rping with me to help with inspiration. Enjoy!

Manolo moved with the grace of a cat as he snuck to back down towards the medical bay and Magdas private quarters. The private office is a no brainer to find. He fishes his tools out of his pocket, making quick work out of the lock. The smell of blood and something he can’t quiet place wash over him as he creaks the door open, “East? East, you still alive in there?”

A weak voice answers, “Manolo?”

Manolo swings the door open all the way to see a horror of a sight. Easter Sanchez, chained to the bed wearing nothing but his trousers. Bite marks, bruises, cuts new and old litter his body up to his neck. He looks even more sickly and small.

“Dios, what has he done to you?” Andres races over and examines the cuffs on his friends ankles. Montoya snorts, “What hasn’t he done to me.” The former locksmith broke the cuffs in record time. He helped the deckhand sit up slowly, “Can you stand?” He examines Easter to make sure nothing his broken. The cuffs had left red, angry looking marks on his ankles. 

East tests his strength on both legs, “I can run if we need to.”

Manolo nods, “We may have to. Vamanos, we got to get the Sparrow and Turner out before El Capitan comes back.” Sneaking above deck will be difficult, but Sanchez and Manolo prepared for that. While Ernesto lead Bossy and Spiderfingers on a goose chase, Manolo sent East to get a life boat ready. The capítan may as well have locked his door with bread dough it was so easy to pick. Looks like Henry and Louis had been trying as well.

Their faces light up at the sight of him, “Bloody hell, mate! We thought you were the leech.” He grins back and gets the cuffs off them.

“We don’t have a lot of time. East is getting the boat and Ernestos got them two running like mad.” Louis grabs a rifle on the way out. He’s well aware that it won’t kill them, but it would at least slow them down. The life boat is on the Mary’s back end. There’s much ducking and sneaking about as they go below. East is struggling with the lines and boat. Louis and Henry jump in to help. Footsteps make them all panic when Ernesto comes bolting down the stairs, “Amigos! Get the boat-WOAH!” 

He tumbles down the steps and into his friends. The boat is knocked as Louis and Henry fall to its bottom. More calculated footsteps follow. Three boys now where at Moss and Magdas mercy.

“Cute, mijos.” Magda clicks his claws, “The fact that you believed you could escape from here, from us, isn’t even laughable. It’s simply so very sad. I almost pity your delusional rush for freedom. What would that have granted you? Spain would label you as deserters. Military court is not merciful.”

The three privates gulp. Ernesto shrinks under Magdas stare. Ernesto spits at them, “It will be interesting when we tell the court about your abuse of power and special diets.”

Moss cackles at this, slapping his knee as Magda grinned, flashing his pearly white fangs, “Go ahead! Tell them everything! Spare no details…hell, write a book even!” Moss walks up to Ernesto, claws tickling under his chin. “The courts are already aware of everything! They have quite a few vampires in them, you see. Did you know the king and queen of España are of our kind as well?” he giggled waving off the threat.

Ernesto does not waver, “Madre del dias la punta.”

Moss stopped smiling and grew rigid, breathing rapidly. Magda knew Ernesto had gone too far, and there wasn’t much that could be done. “Mierda…Moss! Calm yourself! Capítan is tired of having to replace people-” the young officer screeched and threw Ernesto across the deck, “YOU DARE SPEW SUCH BILE?!”

Ernesto has the wind knocked out of him. Moss looms over him, gripping the private by the hair and placing him on his feet. He runs a claw along Ernestos jawline, “Let’s clean up that dirty little mouth of yours.” He slashes and hacks repeatedly at the humans face and neck. Andres can only stand in shock while East screams. 

Magda grabbed Moss by the shoulder, snarling in his ear, “Cease immediately or I will inform the capítan that even your temper cannot be controlled any more! He’s already at his wits end with you as is!” Moss hissed and obeyed. But the damage had already been inflicted. Blood was pouring out of a critical wound in Ernestos neck. Easter whimpered. Magda rolled his eyes at the scene, “The things I do for love.” He stands above the troubled boy and draws his sword. “NO!” the two remaining privates scream in unison.

Magda sighs heavily, a hint of sympathy in his normally cold eyes, “He is going to bleed out, a bandage will not respond to this kind of wound. This is a mercy killing.” The boys are held in place by Moss. East, already weakened from the increase of excitement, throws up as Magdas blade plunges into Ernestos lung. He dropped to the floor, eyes wide and staring at nothing. Magda glared at Moss, “You are a petty fool, and capítan will be hearing about this…” He turns to East, who seemed to be ready to keel over; disgusted at the vomit that had gotten on his boots, “Filthy human…”

“Oh my God…” East looks like he’s about to be sick again. Andres remembers the boat and its two occupants. He can’t help but glance over to the craft. Louis and Henry had not moved a muscle. East throws up again, this time on Moss. The vampire balks and lets him go, grumbling with a vicious fire in his eyes, “You seem too sick to keep working, mijo. Fragile little beast!” 

Andres feels for his tools, “He wouldn’t be this way if Spiderfingers had kept his hands to himself.” Moss’s eyes snap to the normally docile Andres, Magda stares unblinkingly at the boy, “Really? Is that what they’re calling me? Spider fingers?” the six inch claws reach out and caress Easters cheek, “How unoriginal.”

“Beats Moss’s bitch as the alternative.”

The officer moved his claws to Easters throat, “Have no sense of when to shut your trap, no respect for authority.” Magda watched Andres with a stony expression that cracked with silent rage. East struggles and flinches under Magdas touch, the officers grip tightening around the deckhands throat. Moss corners Andres, “No respect at all, Magda. I think we should educate these insolent youths.” 

Magda was now holding East by his throat, his eyes never once left Andres, “If you only had left well enough alone, Ernesto would still be alive. If you had only stuck to your work. But no. Now look what you got yourself and your friends into. You have no one to blame but yourself.”

East whimpers and looks ready to throw up again. Andres fingers wrap around a pick, “Maybe.” He’s able to stab Moss in the collar bone with the tool. The vampire screeches, swiping at Andres’s arm and pulling out the pick. Moss is about to lunge when he is held back by Magda. The older vampire sighs, shaking his head before breaking East’s neck with one hand. The young man is dropped to the ground like a sack of garbage. “Are you satisfied with your choices, boy? Do you feel righteous and brave now?” He doesn’t feel either. He feels angry.

“East would not have told. He would be too traumatized to tell anyone who didn’t know. You didn’t need to kill him. Or where you afraid of his poor mother seeing the results of your ‘experiments’ and research on him?” he sees the cover of the life boat move. Louis is taking aim.

Magda growled deep in his throat, mostly from irritation, “I am not afraid of that, mijo. Andres are you trying to upset me? Or do you want another deckhand to join us. Moss saw the movement of the blanket on the life boat, eyes narrowing as they discover the rifle tip. Manolo sees the officer narrow his eyes, “You kidnap, abuse and torture all of us. You lot fry.”

The rifle goes off and Manolo makes a break for it. The vampires screeched as a barrel of gunpowder exploded nearby, flames roaring outwards as the ship began to burn. Moss and Magda roared in their fury and fear as they run above deck; the whole ship falling into chaos. Manolo has to jump into the sea, Henry having cut the lines for a faster get away. Louis helps him in, “Bloody hell.” The private is breathing erratically as they row and watch the fire spread.

Salazar unleashed a truly hellish shriek. His beloved ship was ablaze, his men where on fire and diving overboard, and the prizes where gone on a life boat. Louis, Henry, and that miserable deckhand, Manolo. Armando’s flesh had been seriously singed, and he stared through the flames at the three humans, “THIS IS NOT OVER! I WILL FIND YOU!” he pointed, screaming curses. A blast of fire got his other side and he wailed in pain, staggering to the railing and falling into the water below.

“CONSIDER THIS A TASTE OF WHAT YOU’LL GET IN THE AFTERLIFE!” Manolo screams right back as they sail farther from the flames. Armando and the other vampires struggle to hold onto debris, watching the Mary sink beneath the waves as she broke apart, “Oh no, chico.” Salazar muttered, crawling onto a large plank, his flesh protesting the movement, “It is you who will be rotting in Hell…”