The captain woke up a few hours later, stretching and yawning. Mando was disgruntled he was still shrunk, but also curious as to where he was. The basement. How?…. Then he smelled Eliza. She had placed him on this pillow. Not the most ideal bed, but it had allowed him decent slumber.

Mando did not want to risk roaming about the mansion in his current state. His stomach growled and he looked at the bruja. Well, at least he wouldn’t go hungry. Jumping to her cot, he crawled towards the pillow, navigating her long hair and pulling it aside like curtains.

He placed a hand against her pulse and quivered with bloodlust. Mando leaned in to bite, but Eliza giggled, reaching up and batting at him; sending him tumbling off the pillow.

“Francisco….stop it….”

Mando hissed as he fell into her hair, his leg becoming tangled in her maddening locks. He slashed at it, cutting himself free. But he cursed as he realized it had been keeping him from going over the edge, and he found himself falling into a small trash bin by the cot.


Rofl! *Eliza wakes up* “Mando, why are you sleeping in the bin? Was the pillow not comfortable enough?”
*Mando growls*