Tenacious Gratitude (Part 10)


(For @capitanarmandosalazar  )

Jack laughed at the scene he found himself in. Went out wanting the attention of the deadly Spanish sailor, and was definitely getting his wishes fulfilled. It just was not the kind of attention he had expected. The ghostly beast was casting him a wide grin; one that was friendly, but also held a good deal of warning. But Salazar began laughing along with him; patting the pirate on the back.

“As much as it pains me to say this….I forgive you Sparrow….I forgive you…”

Deep brown hair flowed about the cracked face, and tickled Jack’s cheek as the captain leaned closer.

“Pero, if you fuck this up, hombre….if you in any way attempt to corrupt my dear Henry….then there will be no safe place for you! Land or sea, I will hunt you down and end you.”

Sparrow gave him a shaky thumbs up as the pale eyes scanned his.

“Got it, mate!”

“BIEN…..muy bien…” Salazar’s face was about two inches from Jack’s.

He withdrew from the pirate, and gazed at Henry, who was smiling goofily.

“There! It wasn’t so hard now, was it?” 

Salazar broke away and lowered himself to give young Turner a kiss on the forehead. 

“You are too kind to everyone, and that is why I love you so.”

He was about to stand back up, but Henry pulled him down, and kissed him on the lips. Armando was shocked at this, and felt his heart flutter. His Henry….had kissed his cursed form, his cursed lips. He could love him as his human self….and this monstrosity he had become again. It filled the ghoul with warmth….and then Salazar began to notice something. 

His flesh was normal and healthy once more. Face, body, uniform. All filled with life and humanity. He whooped and hugged Henry before dancing around the room with Lesaro and Jack, singing and even getting some of the shocked staff to join in.

Lesaro looked immensely pleased. He knew Armando liked him, but he would have to be content looking for romance elsewhere. This though, a dance with his capitan, had been something he had dreamed of; among other situations.

Jack felt bizarre, like this was some sort of fever dream. Lesaro’s good eye still bored into his soul and he felt himself sweating under his collar. 

“Disappoint Capitan Salazar, and you disappoint his entire crew. Remember that always, pirate. I’ll be watching you.”

“I know, I know.” Jack rolled his eyes.

When Salazar had finally tired of singing and dancing, several hours later, Lesaro bunked up at an inn, while Jack retreated to a local tavern. Armando stayed to be with Henry; energy boundless.

“Would you still like to sail for Spain, mi amor? Or do other places call to you?”

Henry grinned, taking Salazar’s hand in his own.

“Spain! Show me your favorite places!”

Armando laughed, peppering him with more kisses.

“Then you will be seeing the entire country! Every inch…”

Henry played with a strand of Armando’s hair, twirling it about his fingers.

“I would also like a tour of the entirety of you, Capitan….perhaps before we set off for Espana? Fetch a room at the inn?”

Salazar blushed, eyes traveling over young Turner.

“Siiii…..perfect beginning to our grand adventure!”

A few days later, Jack staggered to the inn, shoving his way into a spare room after handing the desk clerk a broken rum bottle. He flopped facefirst onto the mattress and began snoring.

But mid snore, he was awoken by the sound of violent creaking from the room next door.


Sparrow whimpered into the pillow.

“Bloody buggering hell….”

ROFL @ Jack XD