New Student


(Cont. @capitanarmandosalazar  )

He nodded at the term “Arsemonger” it was definitely appropriate in that instance. Armando felt a rush of sorrow for Tennesi and her family. Almost lost so much, all because of one despicable fool who couldn’t be bothered to stay off the road.

“May the perpetrator rot in hell.” Salazar forced himself to not growl. The last thing he needed was to frighten the poor girl. 

“If there is anything myself or the school can do to make things easier for you, please let me know. If you need to take a longer break, I will speak with all of your instructors to arrange a timetable.”

He relaxed his posture, putting a sympathetic smile in place.

“I wish your family a speedy recovery….now….for the assignment, it is a research project. Ten pages minimum. Not do until the following month, but it will be a good idea to begin chipping away at it.”

Tennesi sighed, if there was one thing she hated it was homework and she saw no point in it. Matter of fact, she had not done so well in her last school simply because she refused to do her homework, unless it was on a subject she enjoyed, “Thrills” she muttered sarcastically “Ten page minimum essay? I have trouble writing 2 pages of the sort of garbage teachers want me to write; and I suppose they want it written in my own words? Pft, typical” she crossed her arms “What’s the topic? Something utterly mundane that will have no use to me in the real world? How about I just write them a 200 page essay on how stupid I think the education system is?!”