wraithcaptainandtheghoulcrew: capitanarmandosa…





Captain Salazar + swooshy hair

I love how his hair expresses his emotions, like how you can tell how a cat feels by how their tail moves.

……Must….resist….urge…..to grab…..hair and…..comb it…..

*Mando is in the middle of ranting about pirates when he notices you’re trying to braid his hair* 

Mando:    Excuse me, hombre, but what ARE you doing?

You:         Sorry, but I can’t help that your hair is amazing

YES. That is me in a nutshell. Except I can’t braid so I’ll just make so with making him the most amazing….


Fear the mighty Armando Salazar ponytail…..it probably smacks you when you get too close to it.

lol, put glitter, flowers and clips in his hair as well <3