En Garde


( Cont. @officer-moss

Salazar got incredibly close to Moss, bright pink hair drifting about and pale eyes scanning the officer’s face. He cracked a smile as Lesaro exited the room.

“Very well, hombre….you have the demon woman contained. I advise you to never, ever set foot inside my cabin without my express permission. I’ll forgive this intrusion…..”

The captain glanced at the wardrobe, giving it a grin as well, before waving Antonio out and following behind him with equal uncomfortable proximity. The door shut.

Eliza immediately got out, changing forms to a lizard that matched the color of the molded, rotted wood around her. The door to the cabin flew open.

“AHA!” Salazar stood, expecting to catch someone, or something being sneaky. But there was nothing out of the ordinary. He pulled the wardrobe open.

“BOO!” still nothing. Cursing and whacking things with his cane, the captain settled back at his desk. He did not see the lizard slip out from under the cabin door.

Eliza scurried back to the brig, hoping Moss hadn’t gotten into further trouble.

I’m sorry, but if Mandy was up in my face with floaty pink hair, I’d be on the floor laughing 😛