New Student


(Cont. @capitanarmandosalazar  )

“You may enter…” Armando spoke in a level voice, rising from his desk. He did not wish to come off any worse than he already had, and remaining seated would be rude.

He had made a mistake, and wished to rectify it. Tennesi opened the door, and stood there, looking unsure of even setting foot inside the office. Salazar usually enjoyed the fear he inspired, but this time he did not.

“It is alright Ms. Fernino. I am not upset with you. I confess….I am now aware of the reason for your texting during class. An emergency with your family…I apologize for taking this from you…” he reached out towards her, palm open containing the phone.

The redness in Tennesi’s features was so hot that she felt as though she may spontaneously conbust; she realised that another message must have come through whilst her phone was on his person, hence why he knew it had been an emergency, “Th-thanks” she muttered, walking up hesitantly and taking her phone from him, “-I’m sorry” She said rapidly, “should’ve known it was the rules- but I was worried- should have put it away-” Armando noticed that as she was talking she was looking everywhere else but at him “Won’t happen again!” She finished her apologetic outburst before backing away – nearly tripping over herself in the process – and bolting out the door. She ran down the nearly empty corridor and didn’t stop until she got to the bus stop just outside the school, puffing and panting as she leant against a power-pole. She felt like an idiot, not only do the other kids at school think she was weird, but she managed to make the Principal think the same way! She had never been in trouble at school before, even at her old schools in the UK, so being caught making a mistake like this was embarrassing to say the least. 
She suddenly remembered her phone and the emergency, taking it out of her pocket and quickly looking at it, reading the last message: “They’ve been taken to hospital. Mum seems ok, but they’re worried about Archie”, Tennesi threw her phone in her bag, before racing to their house, hoping to contact her sister, “I’ll ring her from there” she decided.