Someone needs to extract me from bed this morning. I have normal hours today, but getting up is just not happening today I guess.

“Wake up, cariňo,” well-known voice sounds from the dark corner of the room. Kind words, but the tone turns your spine into a pure ice. “Or I will wake you up myself.”

I shiver as I turn my head to regard the figure. Salazar….

“Good-good morning Capitan! Hahaha…I was just about to get up actually!” I slowly get up, not taking my eyes off of Armando.

I walk past him smiling nervously. “Thank you for the motivation!….How did you get in my house….haha…”

You when Mando tells you to get up:    OK!! 

*Gets up as though someone planted a bomb under you*

Me when Mando tells me to get up:   …

*Too busy staring at him, thinking about how beauitful he is*