Henry hears a knock at his door, and opens it.

“Hello! How may I-”

Salazar is standing there, shark’s teeth bared in a full grin, yellow eyes have somehow become little dancing hearts. There is blood on his front, and his terrible claws are holding something out towards him. A lump of meat, no, a human heart…

“I LOVE YOU!” the captain proclaims, shouting his adoration to the entire town.

Henry screams literal bloody murder, and slams the door shut. Salazar stands there perplexed.

“I can get more hearts, dearest Henry! Is one not enough?….Oh of course not! I shall fetch you a dozen! Fear not, mi amor, I will soon rectify this unfortunate situation!”

ROFL!! No, Mandy, that is NOT what they mean when they say you should send someone you love a heart 😛 XD

Also I’msure Henry is no only terrified, but also embarrassed that Mando has made his feelings so public 😛