New Student


(For @capitanarmandosalazar )

Land tired him out, but at least coffee kept him going until he could set sail for the weekend. Armando Salazar poured over letters and other documents, black, inky liquid occasionally flicking from his lips across the papers as he muttered to himself. Glancing at the clock, he grabbed his cane, sword and pistol at his side. 

Rising creakily, he set off to keep an eye on the living; hair flowing in the air as he wheezed his way down the hall. A kid paled as they realized they had missed the bell, and were frantically putting books in their backpack, casting terrified glances his way. Salazar smiled at them, enjoying the way he always frayed people’s nerves.

“Better run along now! You’re late for class hombre, and I haven’t had breakfast yet…”

Screaming, the kid sprinted off; papers flying as he went faster than any Olympic athlete. The threat had been fake ofcourse, but no one could know that for sure. Kept people in line.

“You should try for track and field, amigo!” the captain called after him.

Chuckling, he passed through the walls of the nearest classroom. A history lecture was in session, and the instructor gulped as she waved good morning to him. Armando waved back, and headed for the rear of the classroom.

A young lady with short cropped red hair was sitting at the very back, furiously texting away. Armando frowned. This would not do….he stalked up to her, holding out his hand for the wretched phone.

“I’ll be taking that….”

Tennesi had been having a crappy month to say the least, not only did she and her family have to move house, they had to move to a new country! She felt like a total alien ever since she and her mother, older sister and baby brother arrived in Spain to be closer to Tennesi’s grandmother, who had recently become ill. She wasn’t finding it easy to make friends, so far people were just giving her strange looks, and since she was the only red-head in the whole school didn’t help either. Her mother said the move would only be temporary, but she still wanted Tennesi to continue her schooling, so she was enrolled into a local school that Tennesi was concerned about from the day she and her mother went in to speak to the Vice Principal. Apparently, at the time, the Principal had been “preoccupied” with a student who had been a repeat offender, so he was not able to speak with them at the time. On her first day as a student at the school, however, she noticed the other students giving their headmaster a wide berth, “What’s their deal?” She wondered “It’s not like he’s gonna bite them!” Had she known at the time that he was a vampire and was responsible for so many missing children in the area she would have not had such a thought, but it was not long before she had learned this fact from other students, and though she did not believe them at first, her doubts were quickly put to rest when she witnessed him phase through the wall of the cafeteria, trying to wipe what looked like blood from his collar. It was from then on she decided to avoid this principal like the plague as much as possible.

Today she was taking History, her teacher was a woman with shoulder length dark hair and square-rimmed glasses, she was rather tall too, and very enthusiastic about their subject, which Tennesi always liked in a teacher.  They were being given a lecture on the history of the Canary Islands, when suddenly their headmaster had phased through the wall behind the teacher, who just about leapt out of her skin, but she managed to compose herself and continue talking to the class. Tennesi did not notice any of this, however, due to the fact she had felt her mobile phone vibrating in her back pocket; she pulled it out and saw that she had recieved a message from her older sister Alyssa, informing her that their mother and little brother had been in a car accident. Tennesi begun frantically texting her sister back, bombarding her with questions, when suddenly her phone was snatched out of her hands, “Wait-” She protested, but she very quickly felt her heart skip a beat when she saw who it was “Crap” She muttered.