En Garde




( Cont. @officer-moss )

Eliza silently shared a good laugh with Antonio, but felt something tickling inside her sinuses. A sneeze. The angry and confused ghouls ranted and raved to eachother while the captain examined his hair and nails in a mirror with a mixture of hate and humor. Lesaro was banging his fist against the wall trying to contain his giggling.

Try as Eliza might, the sneeze would not be denied. She had made a serious, if not lethal mistake joining Moss for a few pranks. And was about to pay her dues.


The entire room became deathly quiet. Salazar began to move towards the wardrobe.

“Bless you….whoever you are…”

Moss held his breath for a moment, fear was on his face. Scared ? he was because there was no longer any chance of getting out of this. at least for him … but Eliza ….

‘‘stay here and please….shut up…’‘

He opens the doors and suddenly comes out of the closet by closing the doors behind him by pressing his weight on the door. Letting no chance to Eliza to open the door. under the bewildered look of his compatriots and in particular Magda, who smirk a little, Moss look at the Captain, embarrassed.

‘‘Good Morning….sir…

Armando strolled up to the officer, looking at him, then at the closet door.

“Buenos Dias, Antonio! I’ve never heard you sneeze like that before! In fact, you didn’t even sound like yourself!”

He grinned at Moss, tapping his cane and examining his fiery pink nails.

“Is there any particular reason why you were hiding in there, in my office? Did you do this to me?….to your crewmates?” Salazar’s eyes shined, eager to see how Moss would try and get out of this.

The captain thought he could hear shuffling in the wardrobe behind the officer, and his eyes narrowed at the door.

Office?! Mando has an OFFICE on the ship?! What is he, the principle?!

Mando:    Moss, report to my office immediately! 

Lesaro:      Uh, sir? It’s actually just a cabin, more specifically your private

Mando:      Shush, Lesaro! Stop taking the fun out of everthing!