Hide and Seek


Based off an ask from @ninjacat1515. The Seas Most Precious Treasures is my idea, and the only character that I own is Louis Sparrow. Enjoy!

The trio could all breath a sigh of relief as they where all loaded aboard the Queen Annes Revenge. Carina was overjoyed to get that gaudy wedding gown off of her, while Henry and Louis where just happy to have gotten her back before anything could happen to her. It was later that evening in Barbosa’s quarters that they poured over maps and plans of action. 

“Nassau would be too obvious. Tortuga is no good, its the first place they’ll look for Louis.” Carina lightly chewed on the tip of the quill she was holding, a nervous habit of hers. 

Henry pulled out a second map, “The Colonies then?” 

Louis shook his head.“They’re in revolt at the moment.”

 They were all tired and frustrated. Jack the literal Sparrow roosted on Louis head, observing the maps before swooping down for a better look. He studies one in particular before chirping excitedly, 

“Father? What?” 

The bird dips his talons in an ink well, then hops along up and around the other maps to mark a little island off the coast of Portugal. They lean in for a better look.

“The Spanish Colonies?!” Carina jumps back a little. Henry can’t help but stare in disbelief, but the older of the three is smiling as though he understands. 

He points at the bird, “I see what you’re doing, and I think it may work.” Jack flutters back onto his sons head. Carina and Henry are more then confused. Louis explains plainly.

“Aside from the obvious of Spain, where is the last place El Matador del Bastardo will look for us? In Spanish territory.” He pats his fathers downy feathers. The two youngers look between each other, but nod in agreement at the end.

 Henry gets a larger map, “Havana and Isla de la Flores are the closet to where we are now. I’ll set a course for both.” They make the other preparations before they each head off to bed. Louis’s nightmares have been getting steadily worse for a week now. He didn’t want to sleep, but he reluctantly shut his eyes out of need.


When he opened them again, he was back in the apartments that he grew up in. The rooms above the Faithful Bride. The whole place looks dark, rotted and forgotten. He’s able to find his mothers apartment. Where was she? The door opens with ease, its as though the lock has been broken off. 

Louis takes a tentative step inside, “Mother?” the whole room was dark save for the moon light that only added to the eeriness of the world around him. He can see her sitting in a rocking chair in the corner of the room. 

She’s facing away from him, “Mother?” He comes around the chair to see her. She was rotting, maggots slithering in and out of her eye sockets. In her lap, a small, precious bundle is gathering flies. He stumbles back a little at the sight. In another corner of the room, he can see Jack starring at them, completely indifferent to their plight. Tendrils behind the wall come out and begin to pull him back, absorbing him into the wall. 

His face was expressionless as he vanished into the bloody stone, Louis can hear his screams echoing around him.


Louis wakes up nearly screaming and panting as he tries to catch his breath. He looks around to see where he is. He’s on the Queen Anne, he’s safe. Dragging a hand along his face, Louis decides that he’s not going back to sleep after that. He kicks off the blankets and heads above deck. The air was much needed to calm his nerves. It always had. It’s still night as he heads above, oddly quiet aside from the sounds of the sounds of the ocean. No crew on deck made a single, solitary sound. He leans against the rails, letting his face rest in his hands. Chills run down his spine. Something was not right here. He hears the sound of something dropping from the main mast. He moves quietly, the chills never leaving him once. He pops around the mast; nothing there. 

“Sleep well, mi amor?”

Louis whips around to see the last person he wanted to see after his nightmares. Armando Salazar in all his military glory. Sick and awful memories from his time on the Mary and in the Salazar home came flooding back to the young Sparrow. Louis dinner decides to come back up for a show, nearly getting on Armando. 

The captain makes a face, “Really now? Is that any way to say hello?” he advances on the boy. 

Louis stumbles back into the railing, “No-no! Henry-!” 

Armando promptly shuts the boy up by smashing into his lips, firmly holding him by the back of the head. They pull away, Louis has to let the rest of his stomach contents out over the side. He slides down the rail, not able to stand out of fear. 

“You! You’re-you’re doing this to me.” He looks accusingly at the vampire, “My nightmares.”

The Spaniard nods as he looks as smug as ever, “Moss, Magda and Lesaro have also been interesting wells of information when it comes to what scares you the most.”

Louis gulps as he’s yanked up and onto his feet, “Wait-wait! Where’s the-”

He didn’t need to finish his sentence as he gets a better look down below. The bodies were his answer. 

He looks at Armando, “Lesaro was a little more then put off by you two ruining his wedding day and stealing the ships pet.” He looks at the boy like a forgiving father, “But I am ready to more then ready to forgive all once we go home.” He drags Louis to the Mary. They pass Magda and Santos, “Get the other two and our pet. We head back to Madrid,” he smiles at Louis, “And Fuego,” he call the ballistics officer over, “Burn that gaudy red and gold nightmare once the rest of our treasures have been recovered.” The officer smiles unsettlingly, “Si, capitan.”

He holds Louis in a death grip, nipping his ear as he whispers, “And for running away twice, youngest will be first,” he kisses the back of the boys head, “and you’ll watch without a fuss. Have I made myself clear, birdling?”

Louis can only watch with tears in his eyes as Carina and Henry are both dragged screaming from the cabin, a caged Jack in the grip of Santos hand while he also has Carina by the hair. Henry is fighting with everything he has against Magda, but his efforts are met with a punch in the stomach. 

“Can’t damage that pretty face of yours, mijo. Capitans orders.” Magda grits through his teeth as Henry struggles to breath. 

Louis doesn’t look up. He can’t. Not when his surviving friends and caged father are dragged passed him, not even when he starts to smell the scent of burning wood.

“Finally,” Salazar sighs into Louis hair as the watch the Queen Annes Revenge go to the depths, “The sea is pure.”