Baryonyx – Jurassic World 2

Ok, so, apparently this is Baryonyx from the new JW movie, and I see no problem with it, she looks pretty darn cool


Unfortunately I came across some dumbarse people who were making some dumbarse complaints about the design of Baryonyx. First of all, they bitched that its jaws were “Too long” and that it looks more like a crocodile on two legs. 
Um, I’m sorry, have you SEEN a fucking Baryonx before, you morons?! They’re SUPPOSED to look like crocodiles on two legs!


The other thing they were bitching about was the fact it had spines, or scutes going down its back. Ffs, how anal ARE these people?! What is so wrong about whether or not there are scutes on the Baryonyx’ fucking back or not?! And who is to say whether or not there WERE scutes on Baryonyx’ back?! No one knows! And since when were all the animals in Jurasic Park or Jurassic World accurate?! Velociraptor has ALWAYS been inaccurate, hell, even the Mosasaur was too big!! But it doesn’t matter, it’s just a fucking movie! 
Can we just enjoy these movies without some perfectionist fuckwit opening their cynical mouth and complaining about something as mundane or asinine as the spines on a dinosaur’s back?! THAT WOULD BE GREAT! 


(Yes I DO realise this doesn’t have anything to do with Salazar, but I had to rant)