“If Johnny Depp isn’t in a POTC movie, I’m not…



This attitude annoys me. I know we all love Jack Sparrow, but let’s face it, the Pirates movies aren’t sucesful JUST because of him alone. He wasn’t even supposed to be the main/leading character of the franchise, anyway, it just ended up like that becausepeople paid more atention to him than Will, he became more popular with fans, and because of that, the stories began to centre around him, and the characters who were meant to be the stars – i.e Will and Elizabeth, became the background or side-show stories. I’m not saying Jack Sparrow should have ended up gettiung all the attenton,but imagine what the plots of these movies would have been like if they focused less on Jack and more on the other characters, like Will and Elizabeth? Also, just because Jack is features alot in a POTC movie, does not mean it’s going to be a success, I mean, just look at the fourth movie. Personally, I think less Jack is better, and to say these movies would be unwatchable without him is stupid. It’s called “Pirates of The Caribbean” not “Jack Sparrow of The Caribbean” 

I vote for a spin-off film focused on Salazar and his merry crew of vicious, bloodthirsty pirate hunters. 😀

I vote also, in fact, let’s ALL have a bloody vote!!