Tenacious Gratitude (Part 2)


( For @capitanarmandosalazar  )

Henry moved about the ship quietly, casting glances over his shoulder ever so often. Late at night is when he could have some freedom, some solitude. Some….there was a figure standing by the mast. A regal, imposing, broad shouldered figure. Salazar….Henry could sense the waves of dotting love emanating from the captain.

“I thought I’d keep you company, amigo!”

Oh no….Henry gave an anxious wave.

“I thought I was alone out here…..hello, Armando…”

He was picked up and snuggled. Turner giggled, more so out of unease than mirth. The captain was out of control….had gone mad. The affection was not cruel, but…a person had their limits…

“I couldn’t sleep because I can’t stop thinking about you…”

Turner cleared his throat, still being held in the air.

“Um…but what about more important things, like pirates?”

Armando’s gaze darkened slightly, and he ran his fingers through Henry’s hair.

“Nothing will ever harm you, and if it does, it will wish to be cast into the Lake Of Fire when I’m done with it….and that goes double for…pirates…”

Henry’s brain did a dance as an idea popped into his head.

“Yeah! Like….JACK SPARROW! Aren’t you just…dying to go after him?”

Salazar’s face tensed at the mere mention of the scum, but there was no rant, no stomping about the deck. He sighed, tapping Henry’s nose.

“Eh….si….pero…not right now….later. Much later.”

They moved about the deck, a cool breeze playing with the hair. The moon shone triumphantly. Armando laughed at it all with pure joy, ruffling Henry’s hair.

“You cannot begin to imagine what it feels like to LIVE again, chico! Myself and my crew were mere shadows of our human selves….and I was a cruel man….” Salazar paused, suddenly not wanting to meet Henry’s eyes.

“On the Monarch….there were young sailors, much like you….I am certain they were your friends….and I helped to slaughter them like animals…I was driven by a lust for violence….I wanted to kill any living thing I came across….I know there is no excuse for the mass slaughter myself and my crew committed whilst cursed…I just wanted to say….my deepest apologies…”

Turner went limp as he contemplated the captain’s words. The faces of his friends flashed before him, and briefly, he found himself loathing Armando. But what the man did, was in the past….and he did it while imprisoned and under a hellish spell. Henry stared without blinking at the vastness of the ocean.

“You…and your men…are forgiven….”

Armando looked at him with relief, tears brimming in his fierce eyes.

Henry coughed, turning his head this way and that.

“I would like you to put me down though….I can’t really feel my torso anymore.”


Lesaro had wandered onto land, mind adrift and temper short. Armando needed help….but how to go about such a gargantuan task? His captain was quite possibly, the most stubborn individual in history….the lieutenant settled in the middle of a sizable log, ripping up leaves and whispering curses.

Another joined him, sitting more towards the end, and he turned his head to regard the new arrival. A fair young lady with a fiery intent. Carina. He blinked at her.

“I don’t believe it….he just ups and snatches Henry away…leaving me with nothing but pirates for company…do you have any idea how MADDENING that is?”

Lesaro nods. “I do, senorita, I do….I love my capitan….and yet this boy suddenly has him won over like it’s magic…perhaps it is….”

Carina snorts. “No, more like an infatuation and obsession. Your captain was forlorn for so long, and Henry broke the Trident. The whole curse being cured was a tidal wave of positivity. He just let it get to his head, that’s all….”

She patted his arm lightly.

“Soon, Salazar will realize where his true love lies.”

Odd footsteps came from behind them, and the stench of rum and body odor his them both like a boulder. A hand was placed on their shoulders.

“Couldn’t help but overhear your grand problems, mates! Mind if I join ya? Room for one more old scallywag on the log, what’d you say?”

ROFL!! Mandy is a total softie and it’s freaking Henry out 😛