Eliza combed her wet locks out; the hair reaching well past her shoulders. The mirror before her was angled so it displayed the harder to tend to areas better. Finished, she pushed the mirror back, and the reflection of officer Magda abruptly greeted her. She jumped a foot or so into the air, staggering back, hand over her chest.

“You scared the hell out of me! How long have you been there??”

Magda gave a slow smile, purple eyes glinting in the candlelight.

“Do not worry your pretty little head…I merely arrived a few minutes ago.”

She ran a hand down her entire face, taking deep breaths.

“Ok….well….is there anything I forgot to do?”

He shook his head, whipping out a steel file and tending to his claws; all the while staring at her and never missing a beat with nail care.

“I just thought I’d pay you another visit….you seemed to go in and out of the storage room often today….perhaps too often….”

Eliza blinked at him, pulse rising.

“I-I wasn’t doing anything aside from organizing the bottles and jugs. There just happened to be more of them than usual. Guess the Salazars are stocking up for Winter.”

Stepping towards her with the elegance of a silent dancer, the officer began to move around her, circling like a wolf that had cornered prey up a tree.

“Be that as it may….I am curious, child…your pockets appeared lighter when you emerged….putting something else in storage that we should know about? Perhaps a poison of some sort?”

Eliza’s face felt hot with anxiety. She hadn’t done anything, other than put a new lock on a door down there! Magda monitored her with excruciating closeness, and inhaled deeply through his nose; eyes rolling back in his head.

“Your fear is a beautiful thing….pero I can smell no….guilt…or lies….perhaps you are telling the truth after all…..Still got my eye on you, bruja….”

Magda folds his hands behind his back, and dutifully marches off. But his footsteps only echo for a little while before stopping altogether, and Eliza knows he is there in the shadows once again.

Rofl, I love how we have decided that Magda is an utter creeper 😛 Also, is that head-cold/flu of yours restricting your enthusiasm for storywriting at all? I know you’ve managed to write this one and continue a few others, but I can’t imagine it’s easy to concentrate when your head feels the way it does. I mean, I would be feeling not up to much story writing if I was feeling “meh”. Being sick sucks.