Beast is gonna get some vampire chew toys and I’m gonna love it. Eliza needs to get back at em. Only so much pain a person can take before they reach their breaking point. And hers was a shattering.

Are you referring to Moss and Fuego killing her friends? I thought that was an accident?

In a rp I’m doing, it’s a different take. Fuego didn’t kill anyone, but Moss, Santos, Nico, and some other unnamed vamps did. Eliza’s aching for revenge, but @piratesangel ‘s Tayna is going to help her see that killing the Trio, will not bring her friends back. The unnamed vamps are gonna get it though. But don’t worry, the Trio won’t be dying or getting too injured!

that’s good, the unnamed vampires can die, lol 😛 and it’ll be good for someone to show Eliza that violence and revenge doesn’t solve anything