@ninjacat1515 With that Tenacious Gratitude story, I reckon Lesaro, Carina and Jack are gonna end up sitting down and trying to work out what they’re gonna do about Mando’s behaviour 😛

Lesaro is quite concerned for Mando! This behavior isn’t at all like his captain, and Carina wants Henry back for herself. Meanwhile, Jack is rather stunned and frankly off put by the captain’s sudden shift in obsessions. He almost feels hurt.

They’re all sitting on a log throwing rocks into the water.  Lesaro throws one the far, and Jack tries  to outdo him, but ends up breaking a window. Carina throws the biggest with scream, and it outdoes them both.

Rofl!! Meanwhile, Henry is walking down the street when suddenly Mando picks him up and carries him over his shoulder cos he doesn’t want Hnery to walk through the mud. All the while Henry is getting odd looks from onlookers and is totally embarrassed 😛