Tenacious Gratitude


( For @capitanarmandosalazar )

Armando saw Henry sprinting for the Trident, and he stared at him in shock. What sort of foolish gesture was this? Throwing himself at the captain and treasured artifact? Dangerous and ill advised. But then….the boy broke the Trident rather than attempt to steal it for himself.

A shockwave hit Salazar, making him stagger back. He felt his heartbeat. For the first time in more than three decades…his heart was beating. Breath filled his lungs, real breath, not the forced drags he had been making his deceased body create. Flesh was warm and whole again. No foul, evil black fluid flowed from his mouth. Armando was human once more….

The captain, and his crew, had all rejoined the living. He stared at Henry in complete awe….this boy….had saved him and his men from Hell. Henry had been knocked out by the shockwave, and the towering walls of water on either side of them, were beginning to close in.

Salazar grabbed Henry as he and the rest of his crew bolted for the island; not bothering with the anchor, or even thinking about the pirate vermin now scuttling up the hefty chain. Somehow, against all odds, they made it. While several of his men had been reduced to dust from their exposure to land, the majority of the Silent Mary was safe now.

The ship looked as if not a single day had passed in the Triangle. No rot or ruin to be found. Restored to her former glory, along with her captain.

Henry was placed on a cot, wrapped in a blanket. Salazar gazed down at him, worry in every line. Their savior….

“I must admit, Henry, when we first met, when my men and I heard you knock something over below deck on the Monarch, my only thoughts were of violence….I thought “hehehe….someone else to be skewered with my sword…” but I am grateful I chose to leave you alive…”

Turner opened his eyes, and jerked back. Armando, now human, was mere standing lover him, smiling. Where was he? How did he get here?? Why was Salazar so happy?!

“Captain Salazar!…..Why? How?….”

Armando grinned happily, hugging Henry tightly as a muffled serious of confused protests emitted from the embrace.

“You broke our curse, my dear boy! You rescued myself and my men from a horrific existence! And for that, I wish to express my most sincere GRATITUDE! MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!”

He had picked Henry up, kissing the top of his head. The boy squirmed and whined, nerves fraying.

“Ok, OK captain!….I appreciate your thankfulness! Now please put me down!….I am having trouble breathing-”

Armando immediately released him, patting his shoulder with a jovial laugh.

“I am quite tired….I would like to rest for a while…If you don’t mind me staying….” Henry crawled back into the cot. He was not lying. Exhaustion had begun to pull him down. The captain nodded.

“Si! Of course….”

A few hours later, Lesaro wandered by the cabin, and peeked inside. Salazar was sitting VERY close to the cot, chin resting on one of his hands, and elbow propped up on a nightstand. He was staring at Henry with a dreamy intensity that was slightly off putting. Deciding against venturing in to sever the trance, the lieutenant back out of the room, quiet as a cat.

When morning arrived, Henry stirred, yawning and giving his wary limbs a good stretch. Rolling over, he opened his eyes and screamed bloody murder; a scream that extended beyond the length of what a human’s lungs should be able to produce.

Armando’s face was inches from his, arms folded on the table, pleased excitement glowing.

“Buenos Dias, Henry! What can I do for you this lovely day? Been watching you sleep all night! Must protect you from pirates….they might come looking for you!”

Henry was incredulous, but he managed a weak chuckle.

“Um….thank you, captain….I would appreciate some oatmeal…”

Salazar nodded. “Eh….we will have to go ashore for that…haven’t had food on this ship for such a long time…”

They docked a short while after, gathering only the finest supplies they could find, not just for themselves, but for Henry. Salazar bombarded him with questions and stories, monitoring him for any signs of physical discomfort.

“Are you cold? Do you need water? How about a nap?”

Turner found himself wishing he had never, ever taken a job on the Monarch.

EEEEE!!! So cute!! I loves it! There needs to be a sequel!! XD