Rofl, I just thought of an alternate result to what happens after Salazar and his crew have their curse broken, and it sort of ties in with your HenryXSalazar stories.
You know how Henry was the one who broke the trident? Well, imagine if Salazar decided he owed Henry a life-debt, to the point where he starts being over-protective of him, drags him up and pulls him up onto the anchor himself, follows him around, and all the while Henry is protesting and insisting he can look after himself 😛 

Oh my god I love it! Henry is confused, and annoyed at this, but the captain is determined to show GRATITUDE! In a very intense, personal way. And Henry thought the ghoul captain was a force to be reckoned with….if only he knew Living Salazar could be worse XD

rofl! Indeed! Also, Carina is jealous and Jack is beyond confused that Salazar is paying more attention to someone else than him for a change 😛