Stubborn Capitan part 2

Barbossa:     I’ve heard stories about you,
                          capitan, and I would like to know
                          if those stories are true

Lesaro:         Ignore him, sir, he just wants to distract you
                         so you won’t won’t kill him

Mando:          You think I would tell this filthy pirate my                                         story?! Of coarse I wouldn’t! As I already
                          told that boy “dead men tell no tales”,
                         and he is not worth telling my story to! 

Lesaro:          Don’t you mean “our” tale, sir?

Mando:         *throws hands in air dramatically*

Barbossa:       *Mock disappointment* that’s a shame,
                            and here I thought you would want
                            someone to know why you hate Sparrow
                            so much … *sighs* my mistake

Lesaro:            Shut your mouth! The capitan is not going
                          to be tricked into wasting time telling
                         you about-

*Salazar meanwhile  has already started relaying the story about how Jack destroyed him*

Lesaro:             *To himself* You know what? I don’t even                                      know what I was expecting -_-