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@wraithcaptainandtheghoulcrew It’s 2017, and they still can’t make werewolves in movies look fucking realistic!!
(They either look too cgi or are obvious animatronic puppets)



I’ll admit, I freaking LOVE the werewolves in Van Helsing, but the lore behind them is complete ass. Same for the werewolves in Underworld, which for the most part were guys in suits.

Now THOSE looked awesome….just not entirely my “idea” of a werewolf (if I wanted a werewolf that looked like a cat, I’d watch Thriller.)

The worst excuse I’ve ever heard in regards to why werewolves are so bad is because they’re either too expensive, or not realistic enough.

Excuse me, but isn’t the point of a guy who gets hairy (and not in the nice way) by the full moon NOT to be realistic? It’s like saying gnomes aren’t realistic….

I’d love to ask ANYONE if something like this was their idea of a “realistic” werewolf:

When I say “realistic” I mean they don’t appear or even move naturally or realistically. They either look like men in suits, or they look like cheap cgi creatures, as if some of the filmmakers weren’t even trying.