( For @capitanarmandosalazar )

Mando felt himself slipping off to dreamland as well; the bruja child snuggled close to his chest. He placed a clawed hand deftly on her shoulders before falling off into slumber. The day had been a ceaseless, raging river of work and more work. Both of them could use the rest. Salazar began to snore.

Eliza woke up some time later, becoming aware of several things. It was past midnight, her arm had become numb from the odd position she had been sleeping in, and she was currently curled up against El Matador Del Mar. Mando’s shark teeth were partially bared, and nerve wrackingly close. His eyelids were cracked ever so slightly, but she knew he was deeply asleep.

How she had gotten here, was a terrifying mystery….but then the storybook told all. Eliza had become a child again, Mando had read her a story, and they had both drifted off. His claws were on her skin, lightly resting against her shoulder; the four inch weapons dealing no damage. But it didn’t exactly make things better.

Now she would have to extract herself without waking the vampire up from his slumber….Mando rumbled a growl in his sleep, grinding his teeth; the noise like serrated knives scraping. Eliza gulped. This would have to be gradual. Ever so gradual….she took a steady, quiet breath and began to edge out from under his arm; pausing every few seconds.

Part of her urged her to just slip away as quickly as possible. But that could startle the captain, which was an incredibly bad idea on its own. Mando twitched, sighing grumpily.

“…..Mama…it wasn’t my fault….Christianna made me do it…”

Fighting down a laugh, Eliza slipped out from under his arm, and began to slide off the couch. She didn’t see her foot hit the book, and it fell; hitting the floor with a loud thud. Her insides squirmed and she shot a look to the captain. He was stirring, yellow eyes fluttering open and arms stretching as he yawned; scratching his armpit before rolling over.

Every step Eliza took towards the door seemed louder than the last. Just a few more yards….the couch creaked a bit and Mando sat up. She dove behind a large chair off to the side just as the captain rose to his feet. He looked about the room in confusion, sniffing the air.

“She has been in here….this is my study….why would…ah…” he picked up the book that had fallen to the floor, carefully placing it back on the shelf before exiting the room.

Mando shut the door, and proceeded to lock it. Eliza’s breath caught in her throat. She was trapped in here…..shit. But soon Mando’s footsteps soon returned. In a panic, Eliza bolted to the wardrobe, hiding herself among the coats. The door to the study unlocked, and Mando marched in, still sniffing the air.

“Odd….I’ll have to ask the others where she is….”

He came to the wardrobe and opened both of the doors, pausing. There was something bizarre behind the clothes. Something out of place, lumpy, and it smelled wonderful. In fact, it smelled just like the bruja servant….Mando growled a bit. His hunger and imagination were running away with each other….this week had been driving him round the bend….

Shrugging, the captain removed two jackets, and found himself abruptly face to face with the shapeshifting witch. She cracked a jittery smile, and picked up a dusty hat from the corner; extending it out to him.

“Found your hat sir!”

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