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Post 8 Facts About Your Muse

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(Definitely want to continue the werewolf stuff, so I’ll be adding a few headcannons. XD)

1. Armando is almost 70 years old by the time the curse is lifted, but physically, he’s in his mid-40′s. He definitely feels and acts at times like he’s in his 70′s, sometimes bitterly complaining about how there’s no respect anymore and how society is going to the dogs.

2. Armando is a dog person more than a cat person. Lesaro is the one who has a miniature colony of cats on board the Silent Mary, which annoyed Salazar until he noticed that there were rats eating his beloved apples. Since then, he’s never complained about the cats……so long as they keep the rats and mice away from his apples.

3. Salazar is a neat freak. Everything has a place, everything must be spotless, in order. Cannons polished, uniforms neat, straightened and tidy. When he and the crew were under the curse, the fact that he couldn’t keep anything clean made him extremely frustrated. Everything was rotten and decayed and no matter how hard he tried to keep it clean, it just ended up looking like the murk they were trapped in.

4. Salazar is bitten in a freak attack by what looked like a dog that had gotten onto the Silent Mary. How the dog got on the ship is a mystery, as well as where it went after it savagely mauled his leg and nearly severed Lesaro’s hand as the one-eyed lieutenant tried to pull it away, getting bitten in the process as well.

5. Salazar ends up contracting a “disease” from the bite, which, after several weeks of brutal fever and nausea, lead to him transforming into a werewolf. As a werewolf, Salazar is a savage beast, towering over any living man, his long hair now a thick lion-like mane. He is a horrifying beast of the worst kind……an alpha werewolf.

6. After getting bitten, Salazar starts craving meat. Which is strange for him because he’s not a fan of meat besides fish.

7. His howl as a werewolf is the stuff of nightmares, a mix of a wolf and a human scream and bellow. The sound is so loud, and so powerful, that it can shatter glass.

8. Salazar keeps ruining his clothes during transformation. He’s ruined at least 2 coats, a thrice as many shirts and pants.

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Maybe Mando and the rest of his crew should start walking around naked, to prevent anymore clothes being ruined? 😛