His To Keep (Part 2)




The fear was unrelenting as the humans heard the captain’s voice drift towards them as he made his way to their boat. Benjamin slashed at the ropes, freeing their small salvation as they scrambled inside.

“Chicos….where do you think you’re going?” the sound of a cane hitting the wood at a slow yet dreadfully steady pace, set their insides on fire with terror.

Armando took his time, their scents growing stronger the further he went into the secret area of the slayer’s vessel. In the pitch blackness, his eyes picked up every minute detail. There were oddly no weapons down here; only supplies. Salazar found himself disappointed, and he shook his head. The sound of splashing alerted him. Was there water below deck?….Had his crew, in their unbridled enthusiasm, begun the process of sinking this ship?

But no, the slayer’s boat was not going to sink beneath the waves…the two brats were in plain sight now, having unlocked a hatch in the wall; and had lowered the boat into the waters outside the hulls. Armando snarled, leaning forward and sprinting the rest of the way. He jumped into the mortal’s so called life boat; seizing Henry by one arm and turning to grin sadistically at Benji.

“Hombre….you have made many grave mistakes….stealing two valuable things from me….not to mention your poor excuse for a career….three strikes against you, amigo!” he laughed, regarding the slayer imperiously.

“Muchas gracias for keeping my dear Turner safe and sound, though….you at least accomplished something of value, despite a life of worthlessness…” he had Benjamin in his claws now, expression a glazed, eager hunger.

The slayer readied himself to stab Salazar with his silver blade, but Henry had leaned all the way back, pulling Armando off balance; and sending them both tumbling into the roiling sea.

Benji rushed to the edge as he saw Henry almost go under as he fought to stay above water. Salazar erupted from the sea, a demonic rage boiling over. He grabbed Henry again, who shot his arm out, fingers reaching for the silver blade. Benjamin tossed him the knife, and he caught it; slamming it back with all of his might into the vampire’s chest.

Armando gasped, growing rigid, the pain from the wicked metal making his entire body tense up from shock as it entered his heart. His eyes rolled back into his head as he screamed like some otherworldly being; grip loosening. Henry kicked away from the limp captain as he sank beneath the waves. Something dove into the water, and a massive shark appeared; collecting Salazar.

Seconds later, Moss was hauling him back on board, climbing up the side of the Silent Mary; and casting one of the most sinister glares the humans had ever witnessed.

Benji pulled Turner from the salty cold abyss, wrapping him in a jacket and doing his best to paddle as far from this hell as he possibly could. He was strong, he could last a good while doing this.

“You alright, lad? He didn’t bite you, did he?”

Henry shook his head, water flying from the sopping mop that now made up his hair.

“No….I’m fine….”

Benji chuckled, clapping him on the shoulder.

“I’m impressed! Good show of strength! Perhaps you can help me get this boat to Havana later.”

Turner weakly grinned. “I’d be happy to….”


Lesaro tended to Armando, who angrily wanted to brush off the help, but accepted it all the same. The silver had pierced his heart. Even if it had gone all the way through, it wouldn’t have been fatal. Certainly debilitating though, and even now the captain struggled to feel right. Moss had procured several slayers for his recovery, and after Armando fed, he could stand without being hindered at all; and he gently set the can aside.

He rolled his shoulders, cracking his neck. 

“We will follow them to Havana….tend to our needs first and foremost…then after a few days, we will seek out those fools….that Benjamin is mine…no one else may kill him but me, understood?”

Lesaro looked at the floor, then back to his captain’s eyes.

“Si, capitan….si….” he didn’t think this obsession was healthy.

They had just gotten out of that dark, rocky hell only a few weeks ago. Couldn’t they focus on more pressing matters? Like returning to Spain and reconciling with their families and the government? But the lieutenant could not argue, and would not argue with Salazar.

Armando had made up his mind, and once that happened, nothing would stand between him and achieving his goals.

Me when Mando got stabbed: “NOO! MY BABY!” 

Henry had to find someway of dislodging the tenacious, Spanish terminator! He’s fine now though! Capitan will be alright!

I know he’ll be alright, but doesn’t mean I like it when he gets hurt!