Can we save him?


Hi, lads… I tried to find, IF Armando´s wounds from his last battle were fatal. (sorry for bad quality of screenshots)

First: Stab from Barbossa – definitely NOT fatal wound. Barbossa stabbed Armando from the back right side under his collar bone. As you can see from pictures below, the tip of the sword left Armando´s body somewhere under his collar bone, but the sword did not break captain´s ribs or the organs in the ribcage. 


Second: collision with Magda and Bracero – definitely NOT fatal for anyone of them. The point is, that they lowered the speed of captain´s fall.

Third: collision with the anchor. Well, that´s the problem. but not so serious as thought first time. Why? Because Salazar DID NOT hit the anchor with his head (see screenshot below), but with the lower part of his chest. It much depends on the speed of the fall, but probably his stomach (maybe liver) get torn by this hit. That wound could be fatal… BUT! … 

stomach surgery in these times was nearly always fatal, because of the infection from digesting tract…. but captain and his crew did NOT eat for nearly 40 years = no infection from this point of view. Sooo… you know, what I mean?


Last one: water – holy ship, you all are sailors and can swim (or hold your breath enough long).

Result: If Silent Mary was changed as its crew was, if Magda saved himself, and if captain had extraordinary luck…(and 2 years recovery) he could survive.

Ok, first of all, just because a sword or knife does not pierce a vital organ does not mean a wound is not fatal; if a person is at risk of dying from that wound, whether it be immediately or gradually, it is still a fatal wound. Also, if you look, you will see that the sword DID pierce vital organs: his lungs!

Secondly, how is a full grown human being falling directly on top of you POSSIBLY not fatal? It can be VERY fatal. Let’s say Salazar weighs the same as Javier Bardem? That’s 85 kg – the same weight as a washing machine. A washing machine is heavy at the best of times, but imagine a washing machine falling at speed toward you? Add gravity to the mix, and it gets even worse; the fall would have caused Salazar’s weight to increase, thus increasing the severity of force his men endured when he slammed into them.

Thirdly, WRONG, he did NOT hit the anchor stomach-first, and if you watch the scne in slow motion, you will see that he hit the anchor head first! Or rather, FACE-first! 
If you look here, you can see he is nosediving towards the anchor, and unless he manages to twist himself around midair, his face is going to hit the anchor first.


This second shot shows that his face DID hit the anchor first, and his stomach is nowhere near the anchor at the time of impact 


Another thing that proves he his the anchor head/face first is that he went completely silent after he hit it, even though he was screaming right before. This indicates that he was knocked out, and that could only be caused by a head injury or concussion.

Lastly, just because they are sailors does not mean they can swim, in fact, in those days, may sailors in Navies could not swim, but even if Salazar and his men could swim, the chances of them surviving that much ocean crashing down onto them would have been very slim.