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It’s really, really a shame the movie never expanded more on this fascinating glimpse at Lesaro’s personality.

I do not have the time now, but someone remind later to write more about the ‘Mercy’ scene and Lesaro in general (particularly on how he could have been used as a counterpoint to Salazar) but there is one thing I want address now. The idea was given to me by @capitanarmandosalazar from a reblog they did of a photoset of my mine of this scene. Since I do not organize things at all I can’t find that post any more (by which I mean I’m too lazy to look). Their point was that Lesaro wasn’t actually advocating on the pirates’ behalf, he was just informing Salazar of the situation.

I disagree.


“Begging” is a pretty strong word choice for someone who doesn’t actually care. I think saying, “They are requesting mercy.” would convey that better, and would simply come across as a lieutenant giving information to his captain. 

But that’s not the line.

(I have so so so many more thoughts and no time to write them right now)

I absolutely love Lesaro. Even though he only had maybe, at most, a minute of speaking time in the film, Juan Carlos Vellido’s acting paints him as someone torn between his loyalty to his capitan, and the need for justice. Lesaro would have been the person to have rescued the pirates from the sea, but put them in the brig to await a trial either back in land, or on the Mary herself.

He did not have the vendetta Salazar had, and would not have made the mistakes his capitan made, and it’s heartbreaking to see him try to change Salazar’s mind, even though he knows deep down that Armando is a stubborn ox.

Just because he says “they are BEGGING for mercy” doesn’t mean he was pitying them, or taking their side. It was simply how the script was written, the words don’t indicate to anything specific. I don’t think Lesaro CARES about the pirates, either, but unlike Salazar, he’s no the sort of person who kills without giving a pirate the right to a trial, first. 
If you think Lesaro cares about pirates so much, then why – after they were cursed – did he never try to stop Salazar from going after Jack, or any of the other pirates they killed? In fact, he seemed to be enjoying killing pirates almost as much as Salazar, and the only time he argued with Salazar was when he expressed how he thought possessing Henry wasn’t a good idea.

Another suggestion is that maybe Lesaro thought shooting the pirates would have beena pointless thing to do, anyway, since their ships were sunk and they would have eventually died. When he said “they are begging for mercy”, maybe he was hinting to Salazar “Ok, they’re basically screwed now, anyway, so there’s no need to waste bullets on them, right?” And maybe he was just desperate to get everything over and done with so they could get home.