Captain’s Wrath


( For @capitanarmandosalazar. Javier Ortega belongs to parjiljehavey)

He sauntered down the hallway, exhaustion threatening to pull Henry to the floor. No sleep, nothing but work…his mind fluttered like a butterfly. So entwined in the prospect of being able to rest, he failed to notice he wasn’t alone.

A fox followed Henry into his room, slipping inside just before the door was shut. A fire crackled beneath a gold plated mantle. Salazar would have nothing but the absolute best for his beloved. Their marriage had been grand with much fanfare, and Henry was as deeply in love with Armando as the captain was with him. He felt his absence, a lonely sting in his soul.

Salazar was not due to be back until the morning. Henry flopped on the bed, longing for company. At least the fire kept the cold and rain at Bay…

“Mr. Turner! Fancy running into you here!”

Henry knew that voice….knew the twisted creature behind it. He rolled over and off the bed, springing to his feet.

Javier Ortega began to move around the bed, claw running over the fine fabrics, scowling.

“It’s disturbing and distressing that such a powerful and we’ll respected vampire has chosen to make a mere mortal his companion…I am here to remind him such a thing is folly…”

Henry didn’t have time to even scream. Hands were over his face as he was flung to the bed. Javier pinned him, grinning like a madman before cutting into his neck; hitting a major artery. Henry couldn’t move or speak….he was choking on his own blood as the demon fed.

But something ripped Javier right off, throwing him aside and going to Henry’s aid; pressing thick cloth to his neck before leaping back to deal with the intruder.

Armando was beyond livid….he was nothing but pure rage. He shredded the other vampire, Javier dealing damage to the captain as well. But Salazar’s focus and anger were far greater than Javier’s fighting skills.

Ortega didn’t even have a recognizable face anymore, but he shot them both a hellish grin before vanishing out of the window.

Armando went to a candle, snatching it from the holder and cauterizing the wound to Henry’s throat. Turner gasped and sputtered as Armando caressed him, eyes filled with ferocious love and worry. The captain didn’t leave his side for three days as Henry recovered.

“Armando, I am fine….”

The captain gathered him up, cuddling before the fire.

“Merely double checking, mi amor….can’t be too careful now…”

Aaw! Yay! And fuck you, Javier! You alway gotta be a wrecker of shit! Lol