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(Cont.  @requiemofamemory  )

Santos was perplexed. “Moss, I have never seen you so hesitant before…what did this woman do to you while I was gone?”

His old friend sighed heavily. “She….may have a valid point….slightly valid, point…”

The younger officer was taken aback. “Who are you, and what have you done with Moss?”

Moss stared at Anais with a curl of his lip. “Do not do what I know you are about to do…get your hand away from those beads…..” he scratched his arm in thought.

“I’ve never spent much time among humans, apart from feeding….find you creatures to be quite odd…but you are right….who are we to judge? We are not God….and offering people a trial? That is an intriguing concept…my capitan doesn’t tend to offer people anything of the sort…”

Santos looked from him, back to Anais.

“In all the years I’ve known you, Moss….this is new…what did she say to you? Did she bewitch you?….”

He studied Anais. “Are you some sort of sorceress in disguise?”

She raises her hands.

“I assure you I’m no witch or sorceress. All I did was talk, I swear.”

She gave a relieved sigh, wrapping her arms around herself as she looks at Moss – “Our concepts can change when we take the other side into consideration, doesn’t it? But what is about to happen next is completely up to you.”

She looks at the duo’s “victims” – “If I can be so bold, may I request the release of the younger one? I’d take his place.No more talking, complains or struggle, I swear.” She said referring to the 5th in line, the boy appeared to be in his 16′s, from the clothing she could tell he was some sort of poor minor criminal “That’s if you still want to “feed”.”

Santos was shocked. Bold, and without hesitation, Anais had taken the boy’s place. He clicked his nails together in frustration as he saw Moss go to the teen, and instead of biting into him with gusto….untied him.

One by one, his oldest friend undid their meal and let them off with a warning.

“Moss??….I- You can’t just let them go! What will we do for food?”

“There’s lots of animals in these woods….we need to get back to the captain….”

Moss looked over at Anais, annoyed, perplexed, and at a loss what to think. Santos fumed as he saw their dinner run off in various directions this time.

“I don’t know what to do little mortal…you are free to go….” Moss looked dejected as Santos ranted to himself in Spanish.