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@capitanarmandosalazar  (Me: *to Mandy* “you’re welcome! I know you like capes, but I don’t think they’re a good idea.”)


“They are fashionable, but it did cost me my dignity….” he glances at the anxious group, eyes settling on Eliza, who tosses the helmet aside, getting up from the table along with the rest.

“What should be done about THAT one?”

“Hehe, maybe you should put the helmet on HER head, see how she does trying to get her chores done when she can’t see in front of her?”

Mando smirks. “Excellent idea!” he fetches the helmet, and starts to chase Eliza around the garden table with it.

They stop, one on either side of the table.

“HA! What are you gonna about this table, Armpit? Can’t get me around the table!”

He narrows his eyes, and with one swift motion of his free hand, sends the table flying off to the side; shattering the wood against a stone wall. Eliza just stares with wide eyes as Mando’s smirk becomes a grin.

“Just for today, troublesome one!” he wrestles her, forcing the helmet on easily. 

Mando turns to you. “I appreciate your help!”

“Is all good! Get sick of people picking on you *turns to Eliza* And yes, I KNOW he terrorises you, but you kinda brought that on yourself, so … you can’t blame anyone else for your predicament”