ghostcaptainsalazar: lieutenant-lesaro: Lesaro looks so hurt…….



Lesaro looks so hurt….

Yes, he does.

me @ Salazar: 


(Okay now I’m imagining, a bunch of angry fans storming the Mary, just glaring at Salazar. And he assumes they’re all pirate sympathizers, and so he sneers, “Tough luck, your preciosos piratas will soon be dead.”

The leader steps forward, fists raised, and snaps, “We’re not upset with your treatment of the pirates

— we hate how you’ve been treating him.” And they point to Lesaro, who looks confused, concerned, and a touch flattered.

And Salazar’s like, “What the fuck?”) 

A the same time, when he said “They are begging for mercy”, he was probably only saying it to let Salazar know what was going on, and I also don’t think that was a look of disappointment or guilt at being told to give the order to not show the pirates mercy, I think it was more like a “Fair enough, who am I to argue” sort of expression. I reckon Lesaro hates pirates almost as much as Salazar, and I honestly don’t think he felt sympathy whatsoever when it came to killing them. I mean, just look at his expression when he says “fire”, he’s looking down on the men – er – pirates – in the water like they’re meaningless. If he had the slightest bit of sympathy, or regret, he’d look away, or show some other kind of sign that he does not agree with Salazar’s motives. If Lesaro WAS trying to get Salazar to show mercy, it certainly wouldn’t be for the pirates benefit, more likely it would be because he doesn’t want Salazar to be seen as a heartless monster, because then, not only would pirates fear him, but ordinary law abiding citizens would, too. Lesaro cared more about Salazar than he did pirates, that was clear.