The Silent Mary and the Couronne

The Couronne (which means “Crown” in French) was the first Man Of War built by the French for the French Navy, and was launched in the early 1630′s. She was 70 metres long, with 68 guns. The Silent Mary is uncannily similar to the Couronne, in that it is the exact same design, right down the 6 castle-like towers located near the bow and stern of the ship. The biggest differences, however, is that the Couronne was a real ship, and the Silent Mary is fictional, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the designer of the Silent Mary for the POTC5 film took alot of inspiration from this French warship. The Silent Mary is also alot larger, is equipped with more weapons, and the towers on The Silent Mary are alot larger, with 2 guns in each. 

The Couronne: 

Model of the Couronne showing 2 of the four towers located on the stern (note unlike the Silent Mary, they do not contain weapons)